Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unsolicited unprofessional advice

Since I have some pregnant friends out there and just for fun, I thought I would post some unsolicated and unprofesstional advice. If anyone disagrees or wants to add in, please comment. See my post on "ThingsI didn't know about pregnancy."

1. If something seems wrong, call your dr or go to the ER. You know your body the best, and worrying is not good. Better to just get checked out.
2. Read the books, but don't over-worry or get scared. What will be will be with labor and delivery and you will be ok.
3. For baby registry or purchasing - For your swing and bouncy chair, get something with a head rest to cradle baby. I got stuff with straight back and his head goes all over the place. I did get the head positioner which is great, but it would be better to just get something with a head rest.
4. Regarding screening results - I got a somewhat false positive. I worried, but not too much. Your dr will guide you through whatever needs to happen.
5. Expect the unexpected. Things could go 100% perfect for you, and hopefully they will, or things could go off track for a while. Just go with the flow and listen to your dr. I had no idea I would have to stop work at 35 weeks, but I did, and the world will go on.
6. Breastfeeding is hard work. It's each person's decision, but it's working for us. Don't worry what other people say, you will be judged either way. Either people think formula is evil or breastfeeding is gross.
7. Don't feel guilty if you are disappointed for a minute if you find out your baby is not the sex you desired. I was for a minute, then I was happy. I never knew how much I always wanted a little boy...
8. Maternity clothes - Unless money is a serious issue, buy some maternity pants when your regular pants are not comfortable anymore. Motherhood is great for $20-$30 pants. You will love them. If you have a choice between a perfect fit and too big, go for bigger. You will grow. I promise. I liked Old Navy Maternity clothes too. I also have some things from Target. I didn't need shirts till about 22-24 weeks when regular ones were too short. And I'm still wearing the maternity clothes for now, and no one can tell but me. And dresses are great for days when your belly is hurting or sore, even if you don't normally wear dresses. Skirts are great too.
9. Your feet will grow and your shoes might not fit. So don't go on a shoe shopping spree, maybe just one pair at a time. And I didn't like wearing heels. My feet were very sore.
10. Get a massage somewhere that has a pregancy table. It's awesome. I have a great therapist if you are local. Seriously, it's awesome.
11. Get your husband/significant other involved. Nathan went to a lot of appointments, but not all. It was nice, especially when the wait was long to have him there. If it was anything where we thought we might get bad news, he was there, and he was there for every ultrasound.
12. Get a man-friendly diaper bag so daddy can carry it.
13. Get a good car seat/stroller combo. Test it out in the store to make sure it's easy. They are a pain in the ass even if they are good, so don't go cheap.
14. Make sure you have newborn size clothing unless you are expecting a huge child. I only had 0-3 months, which is huge. We did have to buy preemie clothes and more newborn clothes. Carter's brand is smaller than others and Miniwear from BRU.
15. BRU and Target suck at returns, and Walmart is awesome, but our Walmart has crappy inventory. So pick your poison. Most people will get blankets and clothes. Just be aware of the store's policy.
16. Don't worry too much about money. Just save what you can. Things are working out for us so far.
17. Check out your health insurance to see if they have any special programs. Mine has a Healthy Pregnancy program where I'm supposed to get money sometime soon just for talking to a nurse once a month.
18. Take all of the classes you can take. It's good to be prepared, as much as you can.
19. Get a pediatrician sometime in the last 3-4 months of pregnancy. Mine is great, Dr. Hubbell.
20. Get ready for some fun with a newborn!



  2. Thanks for all the advice Hollie! I really appreciate that and it was very sweet of you! Hope things are getting better for you!


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