Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So I'm going to the dr again today. I feel really dumb having to go back. But I'm pretty sure I've got more stitches. Sucks.

Lil boy slept good from 9-1 and from 1:30 till 4. Then he was super wide awake. But it was ok. Those weeks of up all night were so hard. I almost can't believe I survived.

We all took a family walk next door last night to visit our neighbors who are having twin boys and already have 4 children. I brought her some packs of diapers that we had already opened and used a few and then lil boy outgrew them. She seemed happy. I hated to throw them away. And I sent a new pack of size 1s. We have so many packs of size ones, maybe too many. I'll just share them with her. She is 38 weeks pregnant and is delivering by c-section tomorrow. She looks great and is still running around and going strong. Her mother is staying with them to help for a while. It's going to be fun when the boys can play together.

Lil boy is fussy. We are having our singing and dancing time while I type. We sing Dixie Chicks every day. I really like rock n roll the best, but Dixie Chicks music is good for singing to baby boy.

I am really having a hard time thinking about going back to work. Really hard. It's not that I mind working, but I would really like to have someone stay with lil boy one on one at least till he's old enough to not need to be held all the time. I hate the idea of him screaming and crying laying in the bed. We'll see what I can do.

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