Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Morning

Lil boy was so happy again this morning. He just wakes up making baby noises, coos, then eats, then lays down and talks and smiles. It was a very nice morning. Makes a girl not even mind waking up at 7 am on a Saturday. He did so good last night. He slept from 11pm till 4 am then till 7 am. I think I can function on that.
My brother and SIL are moving into their house today. Nathan is supposed to help them this afternoon. Then we are supposed to go to MILs bday party tonight. I thought my mom wanted to hang out today, but she hasn't called yet. I'm ok with a lazy day. I did get those picture frames, so I might try to get them ready to hang and nag Nathan till I get him to hang them. Of course, I could hang them myself, but he is really particular about pictures on the wall. I'll give him a chance this weekend to hang them, and if he doesn't, I'll hang them next week.

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