Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good night

We had MIL and FIL spend the night last night. Lil boy slept very good till 3 am then till 6am. Maybe life will get easier. MIL is holding him right now, and I'm going to BRU to get a few things. I want another head rest snuggler thing. And I want something that he can lay on with lights and music. I bet he gets tired of looking at me all day... He likes his mobile, but I have to wind it up, and it only lasts one minute. So we'll see what I find.

I have more stitches that need to be cut out... Hurting again. WHY ME??? So hopefully dr can see me asap tomorrow morning. My dad is off work so he can babysit. So great! I just need that time to myself when I'm getting cut up. Things have worked out well with getting help with the baby. It's very nice to have family around.

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