Monday, February 23, 2009

The mall

So I went to the dr and got some meds which will hopefully make me feel better soon. I dropped off the prescription and needed to burn 1.5 hours till it was ready. So I went to the mall. I think that if lil boy can be around me and not get sick, his immune system is pretty darn good. Plus it was during the day on a weekday and not too crowded. I went to Motherhood for some nursing bras, and there was this little girl about 3 years old who was there with her mother and grandmother. She saw the baby and came up to the stroller and looked... then tried to touch. I said, "You can look, but don't touch," hoping that her mom or granda would come and get her, but no such luck. Then she asked the baby if he wanted to play with her. I said, "He is too little to play with you." Still no help. Finally after I had to push her hands away, her grandma came and told the little girl to get away from the baby. The lady asked how old the baby is, I told her, and she again told the little girl to get away. I said, "She's just curious." Then the lady said, "Well your baby is very young and fragile." Like I don't know that. What did she want me to do, slap the little girl? I was trying to be nice without letting her touch the baby!

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