Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

On this the last day of the year, as I always do, I am reflecting on the year past. The year began with the wait for our child. Is this labor? Is it time? Then on January 7, I went into labor. 2 days of lots of pain later, Chesley was born, 6 lbs. 3 oz., 19 inches long. He filled our hearts with so much love. And as the year has past and we have watched him grow before our eyes, we love him more every day. I'm thankful that there were no major tragedies or hardships for our family this year. No deaths, sicknesses, hurricanes. Not every year is so good as this one. We were able to fully concentrate on our child. He does something new every day. He is getting close to being able to stand, but still a ways from walking. That's fine by me. I think it will be a while for him. Nathan and my relationship has grown a lot this year, trial by fire, I would say. Hopefully we can build on our marriage and make it stronger in the new year. A child was gracefully bestowed on us, and we tend to put him first, and our relationship falls to the side. I feel a new closeness to my mother after having a child. So I do want to be with her tomorrow on my 29th birthday.

The end of the year also marks the end of my blogbook. So here the year end, the book ends, but the story keeps going!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nursing a big boy

Nursing a big boy is much different than nursing a newborn. He definitely has figured out where the milk comes from. When he is ready to nurse, he digs in my shirt and tries to open it up. It's cute and funny. If he sees it, mouth open, ready to go. He's gotten much better with the biting. I think he is figuring out that "Ouch!" means pain and pain is bad. But he still pulls my hair. So maybe not. We all slept till almost 10:00 today. Super lazy. We are really messing up our normal routine which I'm sure we will pay for when we go back to work next week. He didn't go to bed till almost 11:00 last night. He slept a little better last night, but he is still waking up all through the night. Our house is over-run with toys! Toys everywhere! Hopefully we don't get many more toys for his birthday. We could use some shoes and money for his college account would be nice. We've got a few hundred in there so far. Grandpa gave him $50 and it's going to the college account. I set up a 529 savings plan. We will put $100 a month.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Me again

I -think- I just finished my book. I will still add posts from today through Thursday. Friday will start a new year and a new book. Nathan is holding Boo and watching tv while Boo is napping. I was working on my book when I heard the smoke alarm beeping super loud. Oops... I guess those french fries burnt. I was really into the book. But I'm downstairs and Boo is upstairs so I don't think it woke him up. It is really sweet to see Nathan singing Boo to sleep. Boo really fights his naps, but he's too tired to play. Oh, being a little boy. I think we are going to go shop a little bit as a family. Tomorrow I have three appt. for myself. It seems crazy. Mom bought me a facial and massage for my birthday (Friday). I told her it is too much, but she spoils me. Then I'm getting a much needed haircut. I'm also supposed to go to the mall with Paulina, and I might take Boo with me. But I will be a busy girl tomorrow. Friday Mom wants to cook dinner. Nathan was wanting to take me out, but I might like to see Mom on my birthday. Something about having a baby and raising a child makes you want to be with your mom on your birthday. So I will be getting pampered and spoiled tomorrow. Being a mom, I don't spend hardly any time on myself. I might feel a tiny bit guilty, but I will surely enjoy it.

Family Pics

Finally we have some family pics to show. I'm usually the one behind the camera, so I don't get into many pics. But I'm sure Chesley might like to see a few pics with his mommy one day, so I'm glad we got some. We are planning his birthday party. I ordered the cake and spent way too much money on decorations, plates, cups, and party favors. He may not remember it, but it will be fun. And I will make sure to take lots of pics.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I wrote a book!

Yes, you heard right, a book. I've always wanted to write a book. Then I realized, hey, I already wrote a book, this blog. Sometimes I write every day or so and forget to look back and see where I've been. This blog serves as an outlet, a source to share my thoughts and my life, and a journal. I searched for a service that will print a blog and found one that looks like it is perfect, The Booksmart software made it easy to take my blog posts and pictures and let me build my book. It will have every picture, maybe with a little editing to make some of them look better, and most of my posts. I think it will be something special for Chesley to read one day and see how his first year was. He will know how much he has always been loved and how much trouble he was too!! I usually comment on his milestones so this will also serve as a babybook, except it will look really great. All I need to do now is write a dedication, pick a picture for the cover, and send it off.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. We had a wonderful night with family. I was a little worried something would go wrong, but everything was perfect. There was food... laughter... presents... and love!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and we are gearing up for the big party. Nathan's family is all coming over this evening to eat, open presents, and visit, and whatever else we all do. The house smells like baked beans and bacon right now. Boo is pulling wires out of the computer. Nathan is outside. Life is sweet. Boo has some strange looking bumps on his head, under his arms, and between his legs that are looking a lot like chicken pox. He slept really bad last night and seemed to be itching a lot. But the bumps are not sprouting up all over the place. So we think it might be a mild case of chicken pox. We are trying to figure out what we should do for tonight. If everybody has not already had it, we may have to keep Boo upstairs. That wouldn't really be a problem.

I hope everyone has a lovely night tonight on this magical night of time with family and loved ones, eating, giving and receiving presents, and remembering the birth of our Lord.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Learning to kiss

Boo is learning how to kiss and hug. He is very good at hugging and will usually do it when I ask. Sometimes he bites my shoulder. We are working on that. The kissing is a little harder. He will do it sometimes. He will pucker his lips when he wants a kiss. Sometimes I get the mouth open kiss... Yum... Last night he bit my lip instead of kissing me. He likes to bite. I just can't fugure out how to get him to stop. Biting is a way for him to communicate. I try to say no and put him down. He really bites when he wants to nurse. He will crawl up to me and bite my leg. Ow.

He waves bye-bye sometimes. It's more of a normal wave though, not the typical baby wave.

He constantly says, "Mamamamamama mamama" even just playing and crawling around.

I'm happy that I am off this Thursday and Friday and all next week!

Time at home with Boo is precious. I do sometimes feel the need to get out of the house and go somewhere, but I mostly stay at home. Boo does better when he can nap and eat when he wants to. We do enjoy walking to the park and hanging out outside. Hopefully Nathan will spend some time with us next week.

Monday, December 21, 2009


A lot of things going through my mind about the holidays and how I am trying to make everyone happy and not succeeding. Being sick and missing work last week has left me a little behind. Not a good feeling. Sometimes I feel like I am always chasing something that I am never going to catch.

I am sad about Brittany Murphy's passing. Of course I see the talk of what her problems may have been. Whatever happened, I'm sad that she did not receive the help she needed.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree

Boo helped Daddy put up the tree. Boo really likes playing with the ornaments and the silk flowers.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Spirit

I am trying to get excited about Christmas. I sometimes tend to get upset when things don't go exactly my way. So it's really my fault that I get upset. I feel like my child's first Christmas is something sacred, like his birth was. I just want everything to be perfect. Instead I am going to try to focus on enjoying each moment, no matter where we are and who we are with. That should get me much further than being mad when things don't go my way.

Our annual Christmas party with our close friends is tonight. I am very excited to see everyone. Normally, kids don't go, but I think we will be bringing Boo along. I'm still not quite ready to leave him somewhere all night, and I didn't plan out for a babysitter. Mom said I could bring him to her house, but I just don't feel like driving there, going to the party, then driving back when he would probably be asleep and waking him up and going home. Too much trouble. So hopefully we will be able to have a good time anyway. It will be nice for our friends to see him.

Nathan's family is coming to our house for Christmas Eve. I am glad it will be here so when Boo is ready to go to bed, we are already home and don't have to deal with keeping him out late. I just hope I can get everything together. I don't get much of a chance to get things done around here. I haven't wrapped any presents yet either.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home with Boo

Today I stayed home with Boo since I am feeling yucky. Dr gave me round 2 of antibiotics. Boo is really wild and assertive today. But I love him to pieces.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Yes, we are having them already. Full-fledged throw your head back, scream, lay on the floor tantrums. He's not even 1 yet! Nathan thinks it's hilarious and laughs the whole time... not helping. Boo gives no thought to banging his head around. If he reaches for something, and I stop him from getting it, throw your head back and scream. Whew!! This kid is going to keep us busy. Strong-willed child, wild, however you want to put it. And he bites! I think he is getting another tooth. He will just grab my hand and chomp down!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doing Better

Boo is doing better and getting into everything again like normal. I'm happy that he is nursing again. I thought he was going to wean himself, and that would have been fine, but I would like for him to nurse a little longer. He's been sick a few times already, and I like to think that nursing longer may protect him from being sick. He's not quite back to normal, but much better. He slept almost all night last night, which was wonderful.

We got Boo some cute Christmas presents. It's really hard to wait till Christmas. We know that he won't know the difference. We'll probably cave early, but we will try to wait. We got him a little tricycle, one that is very low, and he will use his feet to move it. It will take some time for him to figure it out, but I think he will like it.

We've stayed in all weekend, except for my trip to Walmart by myself. Boo's strong antibiotics are giving him diarehea all day long. Not good for shopping. It is nice when he gets to stay home and take his naps when he is ready and nurse when he is ready. I feel bad when we are out and about too much and he gets cranky. But he does sometimes enjoy the mall and seeing everybody. So we usually strive for a nice balance. I'm sure we will be busy enough for the next few weeks to make up for our lazy weekend at home.

We did put up our Christmas tree yesterday.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Here are some b&w pics.

Boo slept from 6 am till 10 am and woke feeling a lot better. We played and ate and now he has been sleeping since 2:30. He is still congested but not quite so miserable. Last night was really bad. He really cried all night. We were worried. He did nurse a little bit before his nap. Still not taking much fluids at all.

Poor Boo

Poor baby is sick. He is super congested and has a fever around 102. I think he is achey and miserable. He is not sleeping hardly at all and not nursing. He tries to nurse, but because he cannot breathe through his nose, he can't. So I am pumping right now since I am in pain. He's pretty sad and pitiful. Nathan took him to the dr yesterday, and he said it was a sinus infection. I was thinking flu... So we are giving decongestant, tylenol, antibiotics, and lots of love to our poor Boo.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy girl

I have been a busy girl so far this week. My project at work is keeping me running around. It needs to be installed Jan. 11 during the turnaround (when unit will be shut down for a short time). I'm calling it my Christmas project. I hope I don't have to work when I was planning on being off. But this needs to get done. So I'm working hard for my money right now!

Mya spent the night last night while Micah and Paulina went to a concert. She was really good. I was hoping we wouldn't have a bad night. Boo woke up on and off from 4 am, so I'm tired, but at least Mya was good. It's really hard when they both wake up 100 times and cry... So I'm thankful! I was up early, got ready, got Mya up, got her ready, got Boo up, ate breakfast, got Boo ready, and off we went!

Friday, December 4, 2009

He's wild

He has so much energy. He loves playing in my bathroom and digging in my purse. This is the cutest outfit in the world. It's from Gap. It's snowing here today!! Very cold!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No rest

Poor Boo just can't sleep well at night. Last night I swear he was up every 15 mins crying. He seems fine once he actually gets up so I don't think he is sick. So obviously I have not been getting any sleep. I did just find out that some of the work for my little project at work has already been done. So I should be able to coast through this. If I can get the first part done this week, that will be very good.

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