Thursday, July 29, 2010

I want more!

Chesley said his first sentence yesterday. He was in the bathtub. I turned off the water. I say "you want more water?" and he signs "more water." Then I say, "I want more!" and he said "I want more!" Great first sentence huh?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rain rain go away

Those of you who live in SE TX know that it was another rainy night last night, so no house showing. Today is rainy too. I know I should have more patience, but I was really hoping to find out one way or another what is going to happen. I would like to go see some houses Friday and Saturday if we think we need to move. Oh well, I know it will all work out somehow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is going on

I'm not sure what is going on with our potential home buyers. They didn't call after visiting for over a week. Then yesterday, they called and want to come by the house again when it's not raining, which is hard to predict. They said yesterday that they wanted to come today, so of course I cleaned up the house, made the bed, all those things I normally don't do. It's sunny right now, but it's been raining here almost every day this month, so who knows what is going to happen. I would think that if they want to come over again that they must be pretty seriously interested. They have surely drived by the house in nice weather and seen the yucky condition of the outside of the house. No surprises really. So I'm a little bit on the edge of my chair waiting for a phone call from them. Then I'll still be on the edge waiting to see if they make us an offer. Then the paperwork, finding another house. All very exciting stuff! We are keeping a close eye of houses on the market in our area still and know which ones we want to see if we get an offer on our house. It's just hard to decide if we want another project house (one that needs remodeling) or one that is smaller but updated already. We'll look at both and see how we feel.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A first time for everything

Boo said his first bad word last night. It's Nathan's fault, of course. I never say bad words... Well.. maybe every once in a while. Nathan was looking at something on the computer and kept saying, "DAMN!!" like "Wow!" Chesley said "DAYY". I told Nathan to stop saying bad words around him. We'll see how well that works out. Damn, not so bad. Other bad words I really don't want to hear my baby say.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I really like...

Fudgesicles, watching Daddy work on his truck, sharing fudgsicles with Daddy.






We had some visitors yesterday evening, the we might want to buy your house kind of visitors. They had called Friday night while my phone sat in the car all night. I called them back yesterday, and they came to see the house. We did all the cleaning and picking up you can possibly do in 4 hours, and we got the house looking pretty good. They were very nice and really seemed to be in awe of the house. They asked us for our price, which was the same as what we said on the phone. They would ask a few questions that led to them being serious, and then they asked some questions that made me think they weren't serious. Then they said they needed to discuss what they were going to do. So it is definitely possible. It was raining like crazy, so they didn't get to look at the outside and garage very much. So they probably need to come back and see that. It was fun to hear about some history of the house and find out what the original floor plan was. The guy lived here with his parents and they had renters upstairs, which is neat. So we'll see!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I got flowers!

I walked in my office from a boring meeting on Tuesday and was surprised to see these!




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I knew I was getting something delivered, and I knew who it would be from. But this was really special. Remember the accident that I helped with about a month ago? The girl's mom works at this floral shop and sent me these flowers to thank me. Completely unnecessary, but very appreciated.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little man

Boo had his 18 month visit at the dr yesterday. Funny that we were there last week with a very sick baby. But he is doing much better. He is only 22.5 lbs, 10% of boys his age, meaning that 90% of boys his age are bigger than him. But he has consistently been small, but growing. He has weeks when he eats tons, then weeks when he eats nothing. Dr said it's ok as long as he does eat food and does grow. His throat and ears looked good. He is saying some words, I estimated 10-15 which the dr was impressed with. Boo did the sign for more, which the dr was impressed with. And Boo said "doctor"! Impressive! We have been practicing that one. So of course I'm proud and think my child is a genious. Dr said that we don't have to do breathing treatments right now since Boo is not tolering them well (aka a major fit) since the cough seems to have subsided. I'll try to list Boo's words that I can think of.

Mya (MY)
banana (nana)
apple (ah-oh)

That is 18 if you count names and uh-oh and wow. Probably a few more... Can't think of any. And he doesn't say them all every day, more like whenever we come in contact with one of the items or people.

I have not heard from the guy who was interested in our house. I am not surprised I guess. Maybe I'll hold out a sliver of hope through the weekend since I know he has a business. So maybe we'll have to sell our house the hard way. First Nathan has to get better. He is still battling upset tummy since last week. He went to the dr and got some antibiotics. Dr thinks it is bacterial since it's not going away. Hope that makes him feel better.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Could it be true?

We had an interesting visitor yesterday at our house. He left a note saying, "Your house is my childhood home. If you ever want to sell, please call me." Hmmm... As you all know, we would love to sell our house. It would be especially nice to sell the house without having to really finish all of the work that needs to be done. Just to knock some money off of the price and get out. This guy is a contractor too, so he would probably rather do the work himself the way he wants it done. So I gave him a call and chatted. He was really nice! He said that before we moved in, the previous owners had an estate sale, so him and his wife got to walk through the house. His wife fell in love with the house. They really want to see it again and are interested in buying it. Of course I'm excited, but I'm realistic too. But even if they don't buy it, it will be fun to learn more about the house, some history, and what changes were made in the house when he lived in it. It will be fun to see his reaction to the parts of the house we changed for the better. So they are supposed to call and find a time to come by. If... they did buy it... it seems like all of my dreams would come true. Sounds corney I know, but to pay off our debt, stay at home with Boo, live simpler, smaller. It would be wonderful!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

R.I.P Sweet B

Last night our sweet cat B was killed by our neighbor's dog. We had her for 6 years. And I witnessed the cruel event. We were in bed, and I was not quite asleep around 10 pm when I hear all kinds of dog barking outside. Our dogs were upset about something. I looked out the windows until I saw what was going on. In the moonlight I could see a large dog tossing around a bright white small animal. A few seconds later I realize it is my neighbor's German Shepherd killing my cat. I woke Nathan to go out. I called the neighbor to get his dog. I had a tiny shred of hope it wasn't really her. I knew she was dead. I could see her laying in the grass, shining white, not moving. The whole time I saw the dog throwing her around, she was limp. Nathan made it out and put her away. I knew it was her when I saw him crouch down and put his head down. She wasn't torn up or bloody, so he probably killed her quickly. But she didn't deserve that. I know it's the way of animals, and our dogs would have done the same. But I'm sad.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is relief in sight?

Boo tested positive for strep throat yesterday. I never knew strep throat could come with vomiting, but the dr says it does. We also got some nausea medicine and breathing treatment machine and medicine. I told the dr about the cough that won't go away. Sounds like they are sort of treating him for asthma without officially diagnosing him with it. I read up about asthma and it isn't always wheezing and shortness of breath. Chronic cough and coughing fits are symptoms too, and Boo has a lot of that. Sometimes when he gets mad, he coughs and can't breathe. A little scary. So we started the breathing treatments, and really, the timing of Boo enjoying cartoons is perfect. He can watch tv and do his treatment. For the most part, he sits still and holds the mask in front of him and breathes in the meds. I'm sure some days will be better and some will be worse. But I was surprised that he did well the first couple of times. I really hope this helps him feel better, sleep better, and be happier. He slept well last night except for one nasty cough attack that I really thought was going to turn into vomit, but it didn't. He is with dad now, and I am at work... And I better get back to work. Lots to do.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Icky Yuck

Poor Boo was throwing up last night, two times. In our bed of course. The first time he was coughing a lot, but the second time he was just sleeping. Now he is kind of zombie-like, but seems ok. He hasn't had a wet diaper since last night, so I will probably call the dr here shortly to see what they think I should do. He drank a little breastmilk and a little pedialite and is keeping that down ok, so hopefully he will be ok without having to get iv fluids. Bathtime at 3:30 am is fun.

He is just starting to actually watch tv. Just all of a sudden he took a real interest. We don't keep the tv on all the time, but I tried some cartoons and he sat on the floor and watched and rocked/danced and really liked it. So today for our sick day we will probably watch too much tv and be lazy.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wearing Momma's Shoes is Fun



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Family time

We had a good time at mom's yesterday with friends and family celebrating mom's 49th birthday. The kids played, the food was eaten, the cake was yummy, and... the ants were biting Chesley. Him and Mya were playing in the yard, and Mya just said, "ants are on Chesley" as if she were saying, "the grass is green" but I know she didn't understand. It didn't take long for him to start crying and for me to run over and pick off ants and take his clothes off. But it was too late for about 10 ant bites on one hand and 10 on one leg. So we had fun overall minus the ants. I got to hold little Morgan. He is so precious and sweet and just grunts and looks at me and sleeps.

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