Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life is hard right now

So last night wasn't so great. Baby ate and went to sleep around 11:00. I breastfed, and he didn't seem satisfied. We gave him his first bottle of formula, which he sucked down, and he actually slept 4 hours, which was good. Then I fed him and stayed up for an hour till 3:30 am. I am sick with a cold and starting feeling tired and miserable, so I woke Nathan up and that wasn't such a great idea. We got into a fight and said ugly things to each other. He did get up and rock the baby for a while and I got to sleep for a couple more hours. We are ok now, but I don't like fighting in the middle of the night.

I think I'm going to get out of the house for a while even though I feel crappy. I need more cold meds. I think I'm going to hang out at my parents' house and maybe even go to the park and take a little walk.

I also think I'm going to do something I've been majorly avoiding... calling the daycare and trying to pick a date to go back to work.

Update... Just called the daycare and they obviously didn't hold a spot for me... Great... The oldest baby in the class is 6 months and won't move up classes for about 3 months... I'm not sure what we will do. Maybe we'll try to find a nanny for a few months then do daycare. I would like that better anyways. All the good daycares here have long waiting lists. Now I see that being on the list doesn't mean getting a spot...


  1. So you were on a waiting list but didn't get a spot? How did that work out? Didn't they call or anything?

    Sorry about the issue you had with your husband. Since my husband works and I don't, I simply do ~not~ wake him to help me on the nights he gets up in the morning to work. Yeah, sometimes I'm majorly tired, but I just can't seem to rationalize how it's okay for me to sleep when I don't have to work. I can veg out on the couch all day while he HAS to function. Then, on the weekends, it's open season for him to help me. He usually volunteers without asking and sometimes does during the week too, but during the week, that's what worked for us.

    I suggest just talking about it (during the day!) and getting a plan together about what is fair. Maybe having a schedule like "during the week, before 2am, he can help, but from 2-6a, he gets to sleep" or something like that?

    If you have an agreed upon plan, it will avoid harsh words when both of you are overly tired.

    Our rules are: Because I do need sleep sometimes during the week, I can sleep any EVENING as he'll take feedings and do all kid duty (dinner, baths for all 3 kids, bedtime duties like brushing teeth, etc), just as long as I'm up by 12:30a to let him get sleep. So, from 12:30-6:30am is his allowed sleep time where I don't get to bother him. It works for us.

  2. Sorry you lost your spot and had to fight with hubby. I'm on a childcare leave while my hubby works 2 jobs, so almost every night I try to avoid our bedroom until about 10 when he's about to get up for work. It sucks but has to be done. Even though he works I'm pretty exhausted most days and nights.


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