Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A fun weekend

We had a really fun time this weekend, actually getting out and about. I've kept Chesley home a lot from being sick. And really, he is always sick, but he seemed to be a little better and happier, so we went out. We had fun at Tab's girls birthday party. Then we went to church Sunday and spent time with my brother and his kids. We even went to the splash park Sunday night. Chesley loved it, but I'm not crazy about the major tantrum he threw when I was putting him into the car to go and the major tantrum he threw when it was time to go home. It doesn't seem right to allow a child to act crazy and then do something fun. If I didn't already have him all dressed in his swim outfit, I might have stayed home. Plus I needed to drop off some books at the library too. But we might just not go next time he acts like that. Tomorrow is supposed to be red, white, and blue day at daycare. And I'm sure all the kids will be dressed super cute. We might just try and see what the closest thing to patriotic he has.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Little red bikini

So I went all out there and bought a super cute super expensive red bikini today at the mall. I first went to Old Navy and JC Penney trying to find a reasonable price suit. I bought one last summer, but I've lost a lot of weight since then, and the last time I was this size was a few years ago. I wanted something two piece, bikini style, not too skimpy, but not tankini either. Everywhere I looked it was either too teenager triangle top or too old fashioned. Of course Dillards had just what I was looking for at $50 for top and $50 for bottom. Ughghghghgh..... But it really is cute. Does that make two feet of fabric worth $100? I don't know, but I can't see myself wearing the other stuff I saw today, and with Chesley's short shopping attention span, I can't really shop all around town. Would Nathan kill me? Yes! Are you going to tell him? NOOOOOO!!! LOL I guess I'm taking that chance here aren't I? Well I didn't really buy much else, so I guess that should make it ok. I did buy Chesley a second swim suit and matching swim shirt for $15 at Old Navy. One good deal of the day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little owies

It seems that my child doesn't mind it when another child bites his arm. When I went to pick him up at daycare, the worker informed me that he was bitten and showed me the slight mark on his arm. She said that she saw another child biting his arm while he held out his arm and allowed the other child to bite him. I couldn't help but laugh. I guess it didn't hurt or he would have screamed or fought back. Strange child!

This morning I was getting ready and Boo was two feet away from me when I noticed things got too quiet. I turned around and he was standing in the bathtub playing with my razor. This was the first time he has climbed into the bathtub. And he didn't make any sound doing it. And it didn't bother him that his fingers were cut and bleeding. No major cuts though. I can't really put a bandaid on him and put him in his carseat because he will eat it. I guess I need to keep my razor up high where he can't get it. I usually do, but I slipped up this time.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr update

Boo went to the ear nose and throat dr yesterday and got a very good report. His tubes are in place in his ear and doing well. His hearing is much improved, and he got custom earplugs, which are wonderful. We were having a hard time with the earplugs I bought from Walmart. He would NOT leave them alone. He really doesn't even notice the custom earplugs, so we should actually be able to go swimming and go to the splash park. Boo has not been feeling well still. He is coughing a lot, so much that he threw up his dinner last night. Then he took a bath and went to bed at 7:00. I hope he starts feeling better soon. He really has been sick constantly. We may have to consider going back to a single person caregiver for him. I really like the convenience and the price of daycare, but I just can't handle him being sick all the time. And I do miss a lot of days of work with him being sick, so that really cancels out the convenience. I just can't imagine leaving my child to be alone with someone that I don't know.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Morgan



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Two kids

Mya spent the night last night. Things get a little crazy sometimes with Mya and Boo together. They love each other so much but also drive each other absolutely crazy crazy. And me a little crazy too. Mya got a big girl haircut last night that is super cute. I think I was crazy for bringing the two of them to the mall with no stroller. Then we get home and they fight over every single toy! Screaming, tears, spanks, time outs! Repeat! Same thing this morning again. I was at my wit's end. Boo was so cranky this morning I didn't even want to attempt to bring him to church, so Nathan and Mya went to church and me and Boo came to Mom's for him to take a nap. Hopefully when he wakes up they can play nice...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

More words

This morning Chesley said

And I forgot that he sometimes says
Wow (oo-wah-oo!!)
more (moh)

He was so tired and cranky last night! He is still not feeling great. Today he seems much happier though. We are going to see Uncie Micah and Aunt Polly and Mya (Boo says MY) and Morgan today.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Boo does

I haven't updated what Boo is doing new these days. He is saying some more words.

Practicing everybody's names

Some sign language!

He tries to jump, but it is really just bouncing, very cute. He spins in circles till he gets dizzy and falls. He likes playing in the toilet. Ewwwww! We went to the library for the first time this week and he really liked that. For anyone out there wondering, yes, he still nurses. It's so much of a comfort to him. It would be very hard to stop now. If we sit around in the house he wants to be attached to the breast 24/7. He is understanding a lot more language and basic things that go on in the house. If I say, "Let's go change your diaper" he gets a diaper, wipes, goes to lay down in the bathroom where we change diapers.

He is not doing well wearing the ear plugs. He just wants to play with them and takes them out after 2 seconds. We are going to get the custom ones at the dr office Monday to see if that is any better. So I do my best to give him a quick bath and not get water in his ears. I really want to take him to the splash park in town, but I guess I should not until he learns to wear his ear plugs. He really has fun there. He will NOT take antibiotics that he is supposed to take. And now so much got wasted that we ran out. We'll just see what the dr says Monday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A sick baby

It seems like Chesley is always sick. I try to keep him home a lot, but we have to go places sometimes. Mya and Omar spent the night with us Friday night, and we went to the hospital yesterday to take them to see Paulina. There was a baby shower in the hospital room since her baby shower was supposed to be yesterday at church. Morgan came about 2 weeks early. So a lot of people were there, coming and going. We were eating cake and visiting and PUKE everywhere. I felt so horrible. Visiting a new baby in the hospital and my kid pukes. And I feel horrible for Chesley for always being sick. He is coughing, gagging, running fever, crying, up all night. My poor baby.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update on Chesley

Chesley got tubes in his ears and adnoids removed on Thursday. Yesterday got a little busy with Morgan's birth, and I didn't get a chance to blog. But Chesley is doing fine. He is still not sleeping well and is congested and snotty. But he doesn't seem to be in any pain.

The newest member of the family



Introducing Mr. Morgan James, born June 11, 2010 around 12:30 pm weighin 6 lb. 11 oz, 19.5 in and super cute with soft feathery brown hair. He likes to be held and rocked and cuddled and loved. Mya and Omar stayed with us last night and will stay again tonight I'm sure. Paulina is doing well. She didn't have any trouble with labor or delivery. She is tired and feeling not 100%, but we're all so happy so is doing well.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Yucky Yuck

I'm sure every mother has had some crazy moments here and there. I had one today. We were grocery shopping, everything normal, Boo happy, eating some snacks, riding along buying some stuff, then "BLEH" puke everywhere. So gross. We headed to the bathroom, took a bath in the sink, went to the checkout wearing only a diaper, bought what we had in the cart (minus puked on stuff that went to the garbage), and went home. Of course this was the only time ever I went to the store without a diaper bag with full baby gear. Of course. But we made it home and we survived. Now he seems fine. Hopefully it's not a stomach virus or major food poisoning.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Somebody's Hero

Today I was somebody's hero, a 17 year old girl in particular, we'll call her K. I think what I did, anyone should have done. I left work at 2 pm and was on the way to daycare to get Boo. I went going over an overpass when I saw some craziness going on in the highway. A SUV was spinning out of control all over the road. I slowed and pulled over and stopped so I wouldn't hit the SUV. A million aluminum cans were flying all over the place. I saw the 17 year old girl sitting in the driver's seat in her SUV, looking upset, still in the highway. I got out of the car and realized she was frozen. I stopped traffic and opened her car door to ask if she was ok. She said she was ok. I asked her if she could drive her car to the side of the road. She said no. She was very shaken up. She had ran into the concrete median with the front of her car on one of the spins and ran into the back of her car with another spin. I asked her to get in the passenger seat so I could get us out of the highway. I checked out the tires, no problems there, no smoke anywhere, so I drove the SUV to the shoulder of the road. Cars started going again. I then saw what happened. A man driving a truck was carrying bags of cans. The cans flew out and hit another truck. That truck hit hard and had to stop suddenly. So K hit her brakes and spun out of control. The look on her face when I opened the door really hit me. She was so scared. She was so relieved that I stepped in to take care of things. I told her everything would be ok. The car would be fixed. She wouldn't have to pay for it. She didn't do anything wrong. I told her I would stay till the police came and her mother came. The man with the cans came and apologized, and I asked him to call the police. The man in the other truck came and talked to us. Everybody was ok. The police came and the man with the cans got a ticket. K's mom came, and then we all left. Kind of crazy. I don't know what would have happened if I wouldn't have stepped in. Would someone else have done exactly what I did? Would no one have stopped and K sat in her car and got hit by another car? We were on the down side of an overpass where cars coming over may not see us. We don't know what would have happened. I'm just glad everything turned out allright, and everybody got to go home safe. I did get K's phone number. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow and see if she is ok.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I accidentally took the day off

I really meant to go to work today. It just didn't happen. I wanted to go to the dr in the morning. The earliest appt they had was for 10:30 am. I really wanted to get some eye drops for me to get rid of the last traces of pink eye. And my sore throat, cough, earache that has been dragging on for three weeks. I figured I could be at work around 12:30. Wrong. I was at the dr till 12:00. Then lunch. Then drop off prescriptions. Then it was 1:00. If I took Boo to daycare he would have completely missed naptime. Not good. I should have planned better and had Nathan take him to work with him. I just like to spend as much time with him as possible. We have had a pretty good day.

He has his appt with the ENT tomorrow. I think it's time for tubes in his ears. I've been such a crappy blogger lately. I don't even think I mentioned that. Constant ear infections. Dr. said his ears look pretty bad. And Boo tugs on them a lit. So we'll see what the ENT says. Right now Boo is eating Pringles. Power snack I know. And he is laying on the floor on his tummy, legs curled up like a baby just laying there eating his chips. So silly. It is 95ยบ outside here right now. I can't believe summer is just starting. It's going to be a long summer since Boo likes to be outside as much as possible. I just can only stand so much heat.

I'm pretty scared of the whole tubes thing. I know it will make his ears do better, so it will be worth it. But fasting for 8 hours? Boo nurses at least 1-2 times at night. I will have to sleep in the other room and Nathan will have to try and comfort him. Boo would go crazy if I denied his drink. And then getting up without a drink? Torture!

The dr was pretty concerned with him getting pink eye for the third time in a row. But they gave him a prescription for more drops and said if he gets it again, he needs to see an eye dr. I'm not sure what else they can do about that. But we'll see.

He has been eating much better. Even eating more meat!

He is saying a few more words off and on. My favorites are "PLEEZE?" I am trying to get him to say please instead of whining when he wants something. And he says "Cheeze" when he plays with his toy camera.

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