Sunday, February 27, 2011

What we've been doing

We are still trying to sell our house, having some more interest now that the weather is nice. It's nice hot spring weather around here. We have been looking at houses, and we found one in Port Neches that we really like. Nathan can't quite decide if we want to make an offer on it yet. It's at the upper end of what we want to spend, but it will be closer to work, and I really like it!

We have been so busy this weekend. Today we will try to relax after church and stay home. Friday I saw Mamma Mia at the Lutcher in Orange. It was so hilarious! I went with MIL and SIL for MIL birthday. We had a good time. Boo went to a Bounce Zone birthday party with Nathan. Then yesterday, we saw Sesame St Live. Boo did really well. The show was a little silly, but he enjoyed it. Then we went to the bowling alley for a birthday party. Boo loved bowling! He was carrying around 7-8 lb balls like it was nothing. He started getting cranky and whiney after a little while. And he couldn't understand why he couldn't bowl the whole time. I guess it's hard to learn to wait for your turn. And I got to see an old friend that I haven't seen in forever! What a day! Boo passed out as soon as we got home. Now he is sitting in his high chair playing with play dough. We are about to get ready for church.

Work has been so busy for me lately, which is good. This coming week I have a workshop type meeting (PHA process hazard analysis for my project for the engineers out there). I really hope I did a decent job designing this project and the team doesn't change things up too much! And I'll be out of my office all week, so when the meeting is over, I will really need to catch up. I like it though. My days at work go by really fast!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So fun!

Yesterday we all met at the park in Nederland after work. Yes, I worked on a Friday. I know, hard to believe. The park has a big pond and ducks and playgrounds and slides. And dirt. All those fancy playgrounds, and Boo's favorite thing was the dirt of course.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Silly Boy

I guess it's normal at two years old to resist taking a nap. But when you have so much fun that you pass out in your highchair, Mommy thinks it's really funny. And I am home alone so there is no one to share in the funniness.

We watched "Nanny McPhee Returns" last night. It was such a good movie! I really liked the first one. The magic, the silliness, the crazy kids, crazy mom. So cute.

Tomorrow we are going to the church Valentines Day Dinner. They are having some fun activities for the kids too, so Boo will enjoy it too.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saddest Story

This week a young family in our church lost their 8 month old daughter. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I heard that she had a seizure and went to the hospital, and they couldn't save her. My heart is broken for this family. I can't imagine how a parent could carry on after such a loss. They have older children that they have to care for. There are no words to express this sadness. Please pray.

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