Monday, February 23, 2009

Still tired

I think my tiredness is from still being sick. I am ready to kick this cold so I can enjoy the rest of this week! Lil boy woke up at 11, 2, 4, and 6:30. He is sleeping now. I'm going to the family dr to see if they want to give me anything. I think I have sinus infection. I've been having weird dreams! And since my sleep is so interrupted, sometimes I remember a different dream every time I wake up. One of them last night was that Nathan wanted to sell the house and live in an apartment! Weird! I was having to just go along with it. I really like our house. It is a lot of upkeep, but I hope we stay here for a long time. It's nice with the baby that we have a living room upstairs that doesn't have to stay perfectly neat, and the ones downstairs can be used when people come over. I even think I've figured out how to fix it up for my SIL to keep the kids in their. I have an old hutch that will be perfect to use as a changing table. It has cabinets and drawers that can hold diapers and supplies and toys. And I have a chest that is empty for toys. And she has Mya's old crib that we can put in their for lil boy's naps. That will be good since Mya won't be able to pick up the baby from the crib (well unless she climbs in), but it will be less tempting than him laying in the bassinet.

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