Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More advice

I posted this on Jewels blog and thought I would share.

I ordered some cute handmade baby stuff from I got a great mommy bag from gypsyrosehandbags. I got some cool stuff from modestmilk and babygoinplaces and sunnydaytags (all on etsy). Once you start looking at stuff, it's addicting, but I love my stuff.

Also, more random pregnancy tips: the only panties I liked were the bikini stretch panties from Motherhood. Not the hipster ones though. They rode up BAD. The bikini ones are pretty low cut and very stetchy, but they look like normal panties. I wore them when I was really big, and I am wearing them now. They're great. And the sleep bra from Motherhood is awesome. I have to wear a nursing bra 24/7 because of leaks, and this feels like wearing nothing. I am a 36C and wear a size small. They tend to run a little big. I've ordered many different bras, and this is the best. I find that I wear it even out of the house. It's thin, but with the nursing pads, there is no show through. I also like this lacy bra. It says web only, but I got it at the store. I am super picky, and this one is nice. The other ones were not so great, and I tried them all on. I don't have much advice for predicting postpartum bra size. I started out pre-pregnancy at 34 B (barely), went up to 36B. Now I am 36C, but I'm thinking I might go back to 34C or 36B.

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  1. Great advise, I'll be looking into those bra's. There sure cute and look comfy.


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