Friday, February 6, 2009

Back from dr

So I'm back home from the dr and she had to clip 8 more stitches!! Ouch!! She said she had never seen this happen before. The internal stitches are not dissolving on their own, and they are poking through the skin and tissue. It felt like I was sitting on barbed wire. Last night it was hurting bad. So I'm glad I went to the dr and didn't ignore the symptoms. It hurt like hell when she clipped them out, but I know it will feel better in about 24 hours. It already feels a little better than last night. Dang! How did I get so lucky? Dr also gave me med for migraines. She said lack of sleep could be trigger and that caffeine and tylenol will help. I actually didn't start drinking caffeine until I got the headaches.

Lil boy had an ok night last night, not great, but not horrible. We are having overnight guests for the first time tonight. Nathan's sister and her kids are coming. Hopefully it will be fun and not stressful. Hopefully the migraine meds will help. I want to get better!!!

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