Thursday, February 12, 2009


Lil boy slept till 2am!! Woo-hoo! I couldn't hardly believe when I woke up to see 2 am and not like 1 hr after I fell asleep. I did my normal bedtime routine and then daddy rocked him to sleep, held him for a few minutes and laid him down. I actually read a book for a little while and went to sleep at 10:30. Then he ate and went back to sleep!

He's kinda fussy this morning, but I did manage to get a bath during his cat nap. And I ate breakfast while he sat in his bouncy chair. I went to change his diaper downstairs where I have a diaper caddy and supplies. I moved a blanket on the couch and cat puke went everywhere... Then right on cue, baby puke. Then I opened the diaper to find giant poo. What a life...

The dr didn't cut any stitches out yesterday. She said the ones that are bothering me are very deep, the cut would be painful, and would be very likely to get infected. She recommended leaving them in to dissolve in time. So it's nice not to get cut, but the stitches do bother me. But I trust the dr, and I will live. I keep reminding myself that one day things will be back to normal. Overall I feel ok as long as I can keep the migraines at bay.

Rigth now I'm typing and feeding a baby and watching the poor cat paw out the last few morsels of food in his bowl. They are seriously getting neglected. I'm excited that Nathan is off tomorrow. I don't need so much help in the middle of the night, but it will be nice for him to let me sleep late, eat breakfast, and shower without rushing. And it will be nice for Nathan and the baby to spend more time together.

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