Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So my lil boy has been super hungry lately. He went to sleep well last night but woke up 30 mins later starving. Then 2 hours later, then 2 hours later, and you get the point. He is just hungry all the time. Hopefully he'll get satisfied tonight and do better. It's very tiring. I got Nathan up at 5:00 to give me a break. Now we're just hangin out doin our thang... not much.


  1. He must be going through a growth spurt! Hopefully you will get some sleep tonight!

  2. Omg I'll pray the sandman sneeks into your house in the middle of the night sprinkles some around for all to sleep the night.

    So not looking forward to the night time thing. I have two weeks off then I will open my preschool up again and I only have to work from 6:30am -8:00am but if i'm sleep deprived that will feel like an eternity.


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