Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun day! We will go to church later, then maybe home to see some trick-or-treaters, then maybe to a friend's party for a minute.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you believe this?

I actually painted my toenails! Red! Every time I see my feet I do a double take. I haven't painted them in about 8 months. I painted them one time when Boo was super little. I painted them last night while he was playing in the bathtub.


Thanks for the support. We got along much better last night, so I hope it is an indicator of good things to come. All we can do is take things one day at a time. Boo did not sleep much at all, so neither did I. He was super hot, so I stripped him down, but he was still cranky. I took his temp when we finally got up, and it was ok. He really has a hard time sleeping. He napped a little in the car this morning. I'm off tomorrow, so I hope we can nap together and catch up on some sleep.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am really touched by MckMama's blog today. Stellan has been sick and is starting to improve, but is still in bad shape. Her post on her marriage really touched me today as we are dealing with some problems. Nothing "major" or terrible, just hardships that come up with a young child. That sounds terrible. It's not Boo's fault, and I never get upset with him. It's been hard for us to get along and to cooperate with each other on making a house run and taking care of a child. I'm trying not to say that I think I'm perfect and he is completely wrong, but of course that's how I feel. MckMama's blog talks about some of the difficulties they have had and that marriage is difficult and is something that has to be worked on. I think that with a young child, there is not much time to spend on your marriage. And it may be typical for the mother to feel that she does everything. Or that any help from father is hard to get. So we are having some hard times right now. We are not really even fighting. Just not working well together. I guess I always thought that problems in a marriage meant screaming at each other. It can be just as miserable to not talk sometimes. We have our good days and bad days. I try to concentrate on the good. But it's hard.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun weekend

Friday I went to the dentist, got a flu shot, and got an eye exam. I went home between appts, but Nathan was with Boo pretty much all day. It's good for them to spend time together. My bill at TSO (eye place) was $850!! Vision insurance covered about $300. I am getting new regular glasses and new sunglasses. The frames were about $130 each, not too bad. They are really cute. My prescription is really high, so my lenses are super expensive. I got the super duper extra thin for my clear glasses, and they will still be sort of thick. My eyes haven't changed this year, which is good. I saw a different dr than normal, and she was super nice. I worry that Boo will have crappy vision. She suggested testing him out to see if he sees objects from far away. And definitely an eye exam before kindergarten.

We went to Tiffany's birthday party Friday night, and it was super fun. It was a surprise, and she was really surprised.

Saturday I had Boo and Mya.

Sunday we went to Nathan's parent's church and to their house most of the day. It was nice to visit with them. Boo has been acting a little weird. He keeps sticking out his tongue like it hurts. Maybe he bit it, but I don't see anything wrong.

And he is really having a hard time with lumpy foods still. I fed him some little puffs and bananas the other day and he vomited everything. He just gags and coughs and turns red and throws up. He likes sticking things in his mouth, but he doesn't like swallowing them. I read about sensitive gag reflex, and it sounds like it's fairly common, but then one of the articles mentioned that it could be an indicator for developemental delays. So of course that makes me worry. I try not to worry, but I'm his mom. I have to. I feel so bad when the food I give him makes him sick.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Finikin, Winikin, Wo

Finikin, winikin, wo,
I think we shall have some snow;
And Charley and Ned
Must have a new sled,
Finikin, winikin, wo!

Sing a Song of Sixpence

Sing a song of sixpence, a pocket full of rye;
Four-and-twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing;
Wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the King?

The King was in the counting-house, counting out
his money;
The Quenn was in the parlour, eating bread and honey.
The maid was in the garden, hanging out the clothes;
When down came a little bird and snapped off her nose!

I kid you not. Nursery rhymes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just for fun

Whistle Daughter

"Whistle, daughter, whistle;
Whistle, daughter, dear."
"I cannot whistle, Mummy,
I cannot whistle clear."
"Whistle, daughter, whistle;
Whistle for a pound."
"I cannot whistle, Mummy,
I cannot make a sound."

From Holly Hobbie's Nursery Rhymes 1977

There are some strange ones in there. I can't whistle to save my life. Nathan is very good at whistling and Boo loves it. I remember my grandmother trying to teach, but I was hopeless. Paulina can whistle super loud!

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill,
Went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water;
Jack fell down,
And broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Then up Jack got,
And home did trot,
As fast as he could caper;
They put him to bed,
And plastered his head,
With vinegar and brown paper.

Also from the same book. Also strange.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rough n tough

Being a mom of a little boy, I guess I should get used to being beat up on. I almost always have lots of bruises on my knees from getting up and down from the floor, where I spend a lot of time. I usually also have a slightly busted lip from getting smacked around or Boo smacking his head on my mouth. It's funny when I wonder for a second why my lip is hurting and then I remember getting slapped. LOL. He has been pretty cranky the past couple of nights, crying a lot and waking a lot. I just hope he is not getting sick. I'm excited that I'm off for 3 days. Tomorrow I am going to the dentist and the eye doctor! All in one day. So Nathan is going to be with him. That will be good for them to have some time together alone. Usually we are all together and Boo wants only me. They need some boy time.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Going wrong

Seems like things are going wrong for me today. It all started well. We woke up super early, got ready, got Boo ready, loaded up, left, met Paulina, realized I forgot Boo's milk at home!! She had to drive back to my house and get them. Then I get to work at 7:30 am (WAY earlier than normal) for a dumb meeting... meeting was cancelled!! I was ticked!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quiet Sunday

Well, it's quiet at the moment anyways. Mya spent the night last night. It's so fun to see her growing up in front of my eyes. She says something new every time I see her. She is really getting good with her manners. She says "Yes M'am" a lot now. In the South, it's really something that is nice to hear from kids. It's much better than "Yeah" and "Hmm" and "ok". She says "please" and "thank you" and "so sorry, didn't mean to" also. She is a little bit bossy with Boo sometimes, though I know she means well. She imitates me and Paulina with the way we talk to Boo. We tell Boo "no sir" when he is getting into something. So she says that. And "enough" when he is getting on our nerves. He has a major attitude. When I am feeding him, and I go to stir dinner or get myself a drink, he gets super mad and screams. I mean really screams! And his whole face turns red, fists clenched, arms shaking. He is funny. He is sleeping on Nathan on the couch right now. He fell asleep in the car on the way home from church about an hour ago and just kept sleeping. We kept the babies during church. We had 2 boys and 2 girls. All of them fell asleep and were in the playpens when church was over... except Boo...

The weather is so nice right now. Cool, windy, sunny. I love this. Yesterday me, Mya, and Boo went to the park and played. There were still a lot of mosquitos though. There were quite a few kids playing, so Mya fit right in at the park. A very nice weekend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dr appt

Boo is little! He only weighs 17 lbs. 10 oz. for 8% and I think 28" long about 50%. Dr didn't seem worried about his weight. He said that when babies start moving around more, they tend to go down in weight. I do feed him a lot. Sometimes he doesn't want to eat his food. The dr seemed more worried about the fact that Boo doesn't like to eat chunky foods. Boo chokes and gags. Dr said something about oral desensitization. Sounds scary. I will have to research that one and get back to you. Dr said to try chunky foods now and then and not to push the issue too hard just yet. Goal is table food by 12 months. The kid does have 6 teeth. So we will work on that. Boo got the first dose of the flu shot. He cried for half a second. Then I picked him up and he was fine. Then he got blood taken for routine bloodwork. He did very well. He cried only because we were holding him still. Then he was fine. It was crazy busy at dr office and we were there over 2 hrs. It was hard holding Boo and keeping him entertained! But a good report. Now he will have to go back next month for flu shot #2.

When we got home and I changed Boo's diaper and clothes, he was cranky and tired and screaming. I thought... hmm... he cries way more for a diaper change than for getting shots! Silly kid.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 months

Today is Boo's 9 month check up. I don't think I ever really posted to recognize his 9 month birthday. So here are the milestones he has met:
scooting with belly on the floor
pulling up
learning to fall down with some control
babbling (baba, mama, dada, gaga, goo goo, etc)
loving his bathtime
being the cutest kid in the world!

Here are a few we are behind on:
eating foods that are chunky
saying anything with meaning
sleeping through the night.

Oh well. He's got the cute milestone down. And he's learned how to get me wrapped around his tiny little finger. He does eat the "biter cookies" but that just turns to mush when he chews on it. We have tried the chunkier foods, but he still gags and chokes. And we tried the little puffs. He did ok with them if I broke them up and smooshed them. We will continue to dabble with them. We'll see what the dr says about all this.

Overall, I'm pretty sure I have a healthy happy child. The rest should come in time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's too much

Mom is killing me with the candied apples. Her and dad have been on a kick lately. Every time I go over there I'm eating candied apples. They are so yummy!! And sticky and messy and bad for my teeth. I was eating one last night at 10:00 while I was doing my nightly routine of getting my coffee pot set, bottles made, and breast pump accessories and bottles together. So when I took out the bottles they are sticky with candy. Ha. And when I go to the dentist and they ask why my teeth are rotting out... it's mom's fault!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our pics

We got some prints made of our pics, and then look pretty good, especially the close up. The family really liked them. I couldn't really see a couple of the faults until I had them printed. And is not the most user friendly site to use. But I wanted prints quick. I was picking out my prints and it just erased my whole cart. So I had to do it again. And I messed up on some of the cropping.

And I do love It makes editing fun and easy. I am no expert. They also have some cool Halloween functions. I made some scary pics of Nathan. I will try to post it later.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not too bad!

I think our pics turned out pretty cute! Nathan is definitely a better photographer than me. And I do pretty good with the editing. So together, we are a good team. We bought a set of bright lights from Walmart for $35, and they did help. We probably could have used another set. We didn't get to take many pics before Boo got cranky, so we only did that outfit. I bought a dark navy sheet last night to try using it as a backdrop. And I think it will be nice because you won't be able to see the shadows. We are certainly not pros, but the pics are cute.

I can't stop myself from buying baby clothes!! It is just now our first cool day here in SE TX, so I am excited that Boo can wear one of his many many long sleeved shirts that I have bought. We went to the mall yesterday just to get out of the house, and I needed some Clinique stuff. And of course I bought him some clothes. Gap was having a good sale, so I got some cute stuff from there. We will try to take some pics with those outfits. $20 for a dress shirt for a baby. Crazy I know. He can wear it today to Steph's house.

Our pics

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Still here

I am still at work with no further news. I am still pretty worried about it, but there is not much I can do. I tried to get here earlier today, and I was a little earlier, but it's hard. Next week we are going to plan on meeting earlier and we will see how that goes. There is just so much to do in the mornings! And I don't like to rush, and I don't want to give up feeding my child breakfast. But I don't really want to wake up earlier... But I know I'm not the only one dealing with these issues. But sometimes I do feel all alone in this. I thought my job was just fine with my schedule, but obviously not. But even if I get here "early" for me, I will never be able to be as early as other people. I just can't see myself getting to work at 6:00 am. I would have to get up at like 4:00 am! So again, I feel like someone is out to get me. And I am worrying.

Here's my funny story:

A couple of weeks ago when mom spent the night, she was taking a nice long bath in my jacuzzi tub. I was holding Boo and he was sleeping and I was watching tv. It was dark outside. So I noticed that the lights in the bathroom appeared to be off. I thought maybe mom had left the bathroom and I didn't see her leave. I can just barely see the bathroom door from the couch. Then a few minutes went by... no mom... So I got up and went in the bathroom. It was pitch black.

Me - "Mom?"
Mom - "Yeah?" - Laying in the bathtub quietly...
Me - "Why is it dark in here?"
Mom - "The electricity went out."
Me - "No it didn't??"
Then I realized her long bath and running jets must have tripped the breaker.
Me - "Ohhhh.... You tripped the breaker. Hold tight one minute and I will have it back on.
Mom - "Ok"

I just thought it was funny that she just sat there in the tub and didn't holler out for me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little discouraged

I had plans on writing a funny lighthearted post today, but something came up at work that has me feeling discouraged. My boss came and talked to me, and his boss is having some kind of issues with me. Part of it is the hours I work. My boss doesn't have a problem with it, but somebody else does. Part of it is my actual work, which I take pretty seriously. I am working on a big project. It takes time to get things done. There is a lot of paperwork. My boss was very nice about it and has some ideas to get things looking better. Hopefully that will help and this other person will be happy. Otherwise I may be in trouble. At least I know something is going on. I need to try to get here earlier really. My boss says I don't have to, but it would probably help. I am not the only person here who works part time, but the others get here early and leave early. I don't see what the difference is. Another issue this person has is that about 2 years ago, I was offered another position within my company. I work as a contractor here. I was going to take the job, more money, new position, and someone didn't want me to leave. So I stayed. To this day, I don't know who it was that said I could not leave. But my company made me stay because they don't want to harm their business relationship. And somebody must be holding it against me that I was going to leave. There were no bad feelings from me that I was staying. So I don't understand. I like for things to be simple. But in this case I feel like no matter what I do, there is going to be a problem.

I am going to talk to the person I work with on this project about some of this and see what he thinks and see if he has heard this negative talk going on. I really don't want to get fired.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My goal

My goal for Friday is to get Nathan to work with me and take some pics of Boo. I'm really wanting professional, but I want to see what we can come up with. We have a great and expensive camera, so we'll see what we can do. We really need to get some more lighting and come up with a backdrop and maybe even read the camera manual! I know professionals can do a good job, but I want to own the pics and have them on my computer. And we need to send out Christmas cards to a lot of people. Professional ones are very expensive. If we don't like how they look and I still want professional, we will do it then. I think Nathan has some portable bright lights we can use inside. A project! I will talk to him about it tonight and see what he thinks.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Dare I say today seems to be a normal day? Boo was pretty unhappy this morning. He didn't really want to get up, didn't really want to eat breakfast. He wasn't too happy or too sad when I handed him over to Paulina. Maybe he needs a nap. It's a quiet day at work today.

My friend Rachel already has her daughter's birthday party planned! I haven't given it much thought yet. I wish we could invite everybody we know to celebrate this day. It's been such a fun and exciting year so far. But we have a lot of family. I started a list, just for fun. With family and close friends with small children, I've got 50 people. Yikes! I know not everyone will be able to make it, but that is a lot! I think that is about max. There are probably another 50 people I could invite too, but I think I would go crazy! I will talk to Nathan and see what he wants to do. If we are going to invite more than that, we could try to have the party somewhere bigger. But somewhere bigger means lugging food and decorations somewhere... And more cleaning... So I'm voting for 50 people at our house. I just want to be able to thank all of the people who have helped us out this year with our little love!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Sunday

And I am enjoying being home with Boo today. See my guest post on Nancy Mommy blog

And you have got to read this post. It might be the funniest thing I have ever heard!!

I don't even know what to say about the ugly man thing! If they researched it, than I guess it could have some truth. But how do you rate the attractiveness of a man? Do you rate what a certain number of women think? Measure the angles of his face? Muscle tone? I think attractiveness is very subjective. I think my husband is very attractive, and from all the testing we had done, the infertility was all on me!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can you believe it?

I actually went out with the girls last night! It was a lot of fun. We went to Easy's and had a nice dinner, drinks, and lots of laughs. Nathan n Boo had boy night. I really need to make more time for my friends. They have been there for me for many years and will be for many more.

Today is Tab's wedding. I am very happy for her and excited to be there.

Tune in tomorrow for a nice surprise. I am guest blogging for a friend and will post the link!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Silly kid

Boo's new thing is to use me as a jumper. He holds my hands and jumps in my lap. He loves it. He was so happy to see me come home yesterday. He was laughing and jumping and screaming. I was happy to see him to of course. And he takes in a super deep breath before he laughs. It is so cute.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm sad today. Boo is with Pam and Jessie Mawmaw (Nathan's aunt and grandmother). I am super grateful that they were able to put aside everything to babysit. Boo is really having trouble when I leave. It's almost harder leaving him now than it was when he was super little. At least then he didn't cry for me. It breaks my heart. He was cranky last night and this morning. When they got to the house, he just stared at them, then looked at me with big wide sad eyes. I hate leaving him. I feel like a horrible person. I know... I know... Everybody does it. I'm not horrible. Whatever. I feel horrible. I called them when I got to work, and he was doing better. And I know it's good for him to spend time with them, especially mawmaw. She really doesn't see him very much, and when she does, there are usually a lot of people around, and she doesn't get to hold him and talk to him. But it's still hard for me to know that he was crying when I left.

I'm off tomorrow! So Yay!

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