Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things I didn't know about pregnancy

Here's my list so far of things I didn't know about pregnancy. I'll add to it and we'll see how long it gets. I read just about every book I could get my hands on too! This is just how I feel, so not everyone will have the same experience. I don't mean for this to come across as complaining rather me sharing the things I've experienced that surprised me at the time.

1. 1st trimester "morning sickness" is really "all day sickness" and is not just nausea. It's feeling completely horrible 24/7 from your head to your toes.

2. The nausea also translated into major food aversions. I couldn't hardly eat meat, definitely no steak, chicken, pork. I basically lived off of nachos, chicken nuggets, french fries, sandwiches, mac and cheese, cereal, and pizza. I think my cravings were basically me wanting only one of the few foods I liked at the time. This lasted till about 20 weeks.

3. I have slept pretty bad since day 1 of pregnancy. Combination of progesterone supplements, using the bathroom every hour or two, discomfort, and just plain ole insomnia.

4. Braxton-Hicks contractions have affected me much more than I ever thought. I knew about them, but a few weeks ago, I started getting them regularly, about once an hour during the day, and many more at night. The ones at night are painful, like bad cramps. It makes me nervous about pre-term labor. I think if I get more than 5-6 an hour for two hours, I will probably make a trip to the hospital. And of course it's at night because if it was during the day, I could just see the dr in her office.

5. The amount of worrying that I do is much more than I thought! From getting the BFP, to the first beta, second, and third, then the first ultrasound (that was a big one!), then each milestone, now I worry about pre-term labor, there is so much to worry about. I'm trying to trust God to take care of us. I just want to pay attention to my body and do the best I can to follow drs orders.

6. The nesting instinct is so strong! I bugged Nathan so much until he got the baby bed, and now it just gets to collect dust for a while. And it's killing me to wait another month for a baby shower. I want his room to be ready now! So strange...

7. The joy and anticipation of his arrival is also very intense. Sometimes I close my eyes and picture him laying in my arms, and I get tears of joy from the excitement.

8. My husband - on some things he's responded a little worse than I expected, but for the most part he's been great. It's really neat to see him talk to the baby in my belly and get excited to feel the baby move. Seeing him in the childbirth class doing the dumb breathing exercises with me was pretty fun too. I can't wait to see him as a dad holding his son!

9. The tiredness... I guess I never knew I could get so tired after sitting at a computer all day.

10. People touching my belly uninvited!

11. People (men and women at work and family and church) making stupid comments to me and asking dumb questions. I had a guy at work the other day say, "There's chubby." Another guy yesterday asked, "Still pregnant? Hahaha." Uh... I said, "no" and walked off. It's so annoying.

12. The amount of time I spend thinking about pregnancy and baby! 24/7! It's really hard to concentrate on anything else. I wonder if it will be better or worse once he gets here.

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