Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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Oogle away

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Things to do

There is a growing list of things I need and want to do that are nagging at me. Maybe if I make a list here, I can manage what needs to be done...
1. Write thank you cards for baby gifts we received a couple of weeks ago. I've done the majority of them (about 100) but I got a few late gifts that need to be done. Very important to me to thank people. I'm sure I've forgotten a few, but I do my best.
2. Make a bracelet for my MIL that she asked me to make a couple of weeks ago. She has my nephews names on it, and she wants me to add Chesley. I have the stuff, but I need the time.
3. Modify this necklace for a lady. I have some jewelry at a friends business, and the lady wants it longer, almost double. It's a complicated piece, so that is going to take some time. I need to do this soon.
4. Go to the bank.
Now that I made a list, it doesn't seem so bad. It's just that when I get home, I want to spend all of my time with my son unless he is napping. And when he is napping, I try to bathe, make dinner, and clean house. I don't want to miss even a second. Of course I do let Nathan hold him now and then for a few minutes. We have started feeding Chesley a few bites of cereal at night, which he loves. I let Nathan do that. Even though it makes me a little jealous.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Just workin and makin it through another day. It was hard to leave the house this morning. Chesley was happy and kicking and playing. I wanted to stay and play. But momma's gotta work. He slept all night last night from 11pm till 6 am. I'll take it. Mya wasn't a very happy kid this morning. Hopefully she snaps out of it so they all have a good day. I took some video of Chesley yesterday that I will try and post one night this week. It's adorable. He's the cutest baby in the world... for real.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hangin out

I'm just hangin out with lil boy. I bought a crib bumper for the crib downstairs, yes we have one upstairs and one down... I bought him some summer clothes since most of the things we got are winter and it's almost summer here. I got a bouncy chair for my friends shower. I don't think I could have lived without that. Chesley slept in it a lot when he was newborn.

We are having some bug problems at our house. It's so disgusting. We vacuumed and cleaned, had bug people come, vacuumed and cleaned again, and still seeing bugs. I think our couch is the main problem. We are going to look at furniture today. I can't handle seeing bugs get on my baby's face.

Friday, March 27, 2009

BRU is evil just spent

BRU is evil just spent hundreds of $ on lil boy n friends baby shower gift. will try 2 post 4 real later.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dummy me

So I'm at work, but I forgot one of the parts for the pump, so I can't pump... I thought I got everything. So I am about to go home at 10:30 am. I was planning on going home early, but not quite this early. Paulina made it to the house this morning, and everything was good. So today it's my fault that I can't really work.

Summer had her baby yesterday. Can't wait to hear more details and go see the baby, probably tomorrow evening.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First real day at work

So today was my first real day at work and it had a crazy start. Paulina's car was hit at some point in the night, and she called me this morning and needed to take care of that, so I needed to try to find someone to keep Chesley or not go to work. And I had scheduled that class and already couldn't go yesterday, so I needed to go. Dad was off today, so it worked out that he could keep him. OMG you wouldn't believe how much crap I had to load up to bring with me... breast pump, my purse, diaper bag with clothes and diapers, lunch, coffee, bottles, and um... baby of course. I found out she wasn't coming at 7:10 am and I managed to get out the door at 8:00 am. Not too bad. I did the safety training, went to the plant and went over some things with my co-worker. Doesn't seem like I missed too much in 3 months. It felt good to be there and see everybody. I left at 1:30 pm. I really missed Chesley, but it was more like I was excited and looking forward to seeing him rather than being sad. So a pretty good first day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My almost first day at work

So I tried to go to work today but security wouldn't let me in the plant. My background check had expired. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't at least give me a visitor pass. I drove 30 mins for nothing. I arranged everything all for nothing. After leaving I came home to fill out the paperwork for the background check, but I couldn't print it out to sign it because the printer wouldn't work, so I had to go to the office close to my house t use a computer and take care of that. Then I ended up going to lunch with some people from the office. So I was away from home for about 4 hours and didn't even get anything done. Tomorrow I will get to go to work. I really didn't feel as terrible as I thought I would leaving him. I really trust Paulina. She seemed a little stressed when I came home but hopefully things will get easier for her. Mya is used to getting all of the attention and doesn't like to share. Plus my job is not very secure right now. So a lot of things are uncertain.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good nights

So we have been having good nights lately, sleeping 6-7 hours at a time. It's so wonderful. I am trying to soak up as much baby time as I can this weekend, but it's never enough. He is so sweet and wonderful and funny and cute. I just can't get enough. He really likes his toys and laying on his own looking at them. The cutest smiles and most excitement is when he is on his own. He's such a great kid!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I've been pretty busy with a fussy boy. Well, not too fussy, but fussy for him. Lately he really does not cry unless he has a reason. So when he does cry it breaks my heart. He really screamed when he got his shots. It was so sad. He was happy and kicking and smiling and then... BAM... OW... He didn't know what was coming. But he only cried for maybe one minute then got really sleepy for the rest of the day. Dr said he looks good. He did give him some cream for his face so hopefully it will clear up. Chesley was in 50% for weight, 60% for length and 14% for head... not sure what that means, but dr didn't seem worried. Nathan didn't go. I was a little ticked. We've had this appt forever, but ok. Then Nathan asked me did I ask the dr this and that... No, and you should have gone if you had all those questions. I did ask a lot of questions, but not every single one he had. Whatever. Today Chesley has a fever and is a little fussy. Hopefully he feels better soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling a lil better

Paulina came over today with Mya and I'm feeling good about her keeping Chesley. She seemed very comfortable with the kids. I made a list of things for us to discuss and everything was fine with both of us. Then I went to Walmart while she was alone with both kids, and she said they were fine together. Mya is so sweet. She is very motherly with Chesley. She always wants to cover him up with a blanket and touch him and kiss him and kiss him and kiss him...

Tomorrow are his first shots and I'm dreading it. I'm going to have to go alone since Nathan didn't put it on his calendar and has an important meeting at work. I don't like the idea of my baby being hurt and sad. But I know vaccinations are necessary.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Not sure what to say today. I am so worried about going back to work that it is trying to ruin my last week at home. I really really don't want to go back. I wish there was some way to make money at home or win the lottery or Nathan to get another job. Of course that is all nonsense. There are ways to make money at home but not enough. Then I try to convince myself that going back to work is not that bad... Then I feel bad for trying to convince myself because I feel like I'm trying to harden my heart against my child. My MIL yesterday really tried to convince me to stay home... sell our house... I know she meant well, but it's hard enough to go to work without someone making me feel worse about it. Some friends at church and our pastor really seem to understand what I am feeling. Their kind words and prayers are very much appreciated. The thought of selling everything so we can live on Nathan's income have definitely gone through my mind a hundred times. And he does make a good income. But even those things take time. So I'm going to go back to work. I really don't want to try to sell everything and move... That would be very stressful. I think that would be worse than going back to work. See what I'm doing to myself? This is terrible. Ok. I'm going to enjoy my baby and banish these thoughts... Or at least try to.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday lunch

We had my family over after church for lunch. I made pork roast with sweet potatoes in the crock pot. I cooked it on low all night. MMMmmmm... It was super yummy. And we had vegetables and rolls and tea. My mom is still here holding Chesley. My nephew Omar is going with us to Nathan's nephew's birthday party later. So I'll try to relax for a little while.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun and a little scary...

We went to a friends house last night and had a really good time. I made a new friend who has a 7 month old baby who is adorable. We just talked and ate hamburgers and loved on the two babies. The girls stayed inside with the babies and the boys played darts in the garage. It has been very cold here for March, too cold for babies. Chesley slept from 12:30 till 6:00 am!! That's a record. Then he ate and slept till 8 am. I feel good today. I went and ran some errands and bought some more clothes. I actually found some jeans that fit!

I'm still a little freaked about the job situation. I called my old boss who works at a different company, and he may want to hire me in the future. I can't imagine trying to have a new job right now with a new baby. But at least I called him and we'll see what happens next.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hard times

The company I work for has been going through some lay-offs recently. Until now, it didn't impact my group or my friends. Now it is and it is scary. I really don't want to work, but I need to for us to make ends meet. I think my job is secure, but I know it's never a guarantee. I am protected by the TX Family Medical Leave Act from having the baby, but still if they let me go, I would have to get a lawyer and fight back. Or I could keep my job and just not get many hours. Or they could cut benefits. They already are not giving any raises. No matter what, it's not a good situation. And there are other jobs, but now isn't the best time for me to get a new job. I need flexibility with having a new baby. I'm a little worried, but not too much. Just trying to think things through. We had the conversation last night that no matter what, we are a family, and as long as the three of us have some sort of roof over our heads and food to eat, we will make it. Stuff is just stuff. Of course there would be hard times and tears shed, but we would make it. Now hopefully none of that happens and we keep our jobs, but it's a possibility that is seeming all too real.

Tonight we are going out!! Just the girls. I'm very excited. One of my close friends did lose her job, so there is some sadness there. And it makes me feel bad to complain about going back to work. I should remember I'm blessed to have a job to go back to. Whether our talk is serious or silly, I always enjoy being with my friends.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mr. Independent

My little boy is so funny. Sometimes he definitely wants mommy, but sometimes he just wants to lay down by himself and be left alone. I think he gets that trait from his daddy. It kind of hurts my feelings when he is screaming, and I put him down to change his diaper, and then he is instantly perfectly happy, like big smile happy. But I'm just glad he is a happy guy. He loves teddy bears. His bouncy chair has a toy bar with teddy bears, and he really likes them. I think he is getting close to realizing his hands are attached to his body. The involuntary kicking and flailing of arms is so funny, except when he bonks himself in the face. And I have been keeping mittens on him most of the time because he scratches me!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't think much explaining is required for these pics. Little boy is happy and smiles a lot. Nathan and Chesley got to spend a lot of time together and their bond grows stronger every day. It's a wonderful thing to experience. Nathan took a 15 minute video of Chesley playing in his bouncy chair. And we watched the whole thing. I went shopping a little and got some cute shirts and two pair of pants. I don't mind wearing maternity clothes sometimes, but it's nice to have some real clothes that fit. Jeans... that didn't work out but ok. While I was gone Nathan had to call to tell me that Chesley grabbed a toy and held it. He was so excited. It was a sweet moment for me shopping at Walmart and hearing how excited he was over such a small sweet moment. I really need to get out a little more and let them have more one-on-one time. And when I was giving Chesley a bath last night, Nathan kept telling me what to do, but it was sweet. We missed church yesterday because we forgot to set our clocks back, but we did go to moms house and hang out and eat lunch. Mya is crazy about Chesley. Very cute. It's nice to see how he fits in with the family.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sleepy boy

Chesley has decided to sleep in today, all day. He slept very well last night, and now he will eat, fuss, and then sleep more. I'm just letting him do what he wants to do. We haven't had a day where I didn't drag him out somewhere, so I think we should stay in today. Tomorrow is church and that will be busy. Plus my back is hurting and needs a bit of a break. We got more of his newborn pic prints in and I'm itching to go get picture frames, but I can wait. And I'm wanting to get a few new clothes. But I'm going to wait...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleaning up

So I got into some spring cleaning today. I got rid of a bunch of old crap, clothes, and stuff I don't ever use. I was sort of on the look out for some clothes that might fit. I found some work out pants that fit but nothing else. So now I really know that I'm going to have to buy a few things before I go back to work unless I want to wear maternity dresses everyday. I'm going to wait another week though to see where I am on size.

Little boy did good last night. He has been pretty happy today. He's napping right now. I would like to go on a walk before it gets dark, so we'll see if he wakes up. If not, there's always tomorrow.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heather's website

My friend Heather is launching a website for her super cute baby stuff that she handmakes with love! I have a burp cloth with jungle animals and the lion diaper cake! The one on the website is from my shower. It is so super cute. Please visit her new site.


Damn cat

The cat is so kicked out. She freaking slapped the baby in the face twice and scratched him. He cried, I cried. He was sitting in his chair looking at the teddy bears, happy. She walked up to him and slapped him. Now she is sitting outside crying. We have 3 cats that DID come in the house and this one that NEVER goes outside, till now at least. So pissed off. Baby is ok now, and I'm going to clean the scratch real good. I feel terrible. Grandparents will be so mad if they find out. I'm going to moms in a little while. She's not going to be happy.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy Day!

So I had my dentist appt this morning. All was good. Paulina came over to watch Chesley. Then we all went for a walk around the block, then to lunch at a nice restaurant, then to Goodwill, then home. We like to try to find things at thrift stores. I think after hanging out with the baby, Paulina and I are both feeling better about her watching him while I work. I'm still not happy about going back to work though. She is going to come over a couple of times with Mya to see how that feels with both of the kids.

I helped Paulina unpack a bunch of stuff at her house yesterday. It felt good to help. Chesley took a couple of long naps.

He did really well last night! Sleep at 10pm till 3:45 am then till 6:30am then till 8:30am.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daddy helped!

So Nathan actually woke up at 3 am to hold a fussy baby! I had just fed him and he was laying in his bed grunting and kicking. I was going to let him lay there for a little while to see if he would go back to sleep, and as soon as he starting fussing, Nathan got him. It was so nice to get some rest. We are going to Paulina's house for a little while to try to help her unpack... Maybe.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So church was fun. We made it half way through till he got a little fussy. So we went and sat in the nursery. There were no babies in there, so it was just us. They have a monitor in there so we could hear the sermon. Everybody said he was cute... of course! Today I met my friend Britton for lunch at Olive Garden, and he was very good the whole time, either sleeping or just looking around. They have a lot of windows so he could see the sunlight. Then we went on a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller, and he slept the whole time. The roads are so bumpy, but it didn't bother him. It makes me mad when people drive too fast. I might would rather drive to a park and walk. And there are people cutting down tree limbs, and their truck and trailer are making it where you can't see to cross the street, whether in a car or on foot. So dangerous! It's a dangerous intersection normally, but that makes it worse. I said something to them, but they didn't care. It's one of those intersections where only one way has to stop. So someone could think no one is coming and get hit.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So we had a good time at the birthday party last night. It's nice to see so many people love our little boy. There were almost a couple of fights over him, but in the end, I think everybody got to hold him. He did good last night, going to sleep at 11:30, up at 2 am then slept till 6 am then till 8:30 am. It's really pretty outside today but pretty cold (well cold for SE TX at least).

Micah and Paulina got moved into their house yesterday. I haven't seen it yet though. Me and mom stayed at her house yesterday and I helped her with Mya. Mya was pretty good except for one peepee pants incident when mom didn't have a diaper on her. I can already tell that potty training will be frustrating. But getting mad at the kid doesn't help. She was so tired and didn't want to take a nap. We got her to lay down and relax with us, which would have been good enough for me. But I knew if she closed her eyes for 2 seconds she would fall asleep... and she did.

Here is a pic of Nathan and Mya a couple of weeks ago when she was attached to him that whole night. She was making the cheesiest smiles!

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