Sunday, March 1, 2009


So we had a good time at the birthday party last night. It's nice to see so many people love our little boy. There were almost a couple of fights over him, but in the end, I think everybody got to hold him. He did good last night, going to sleep at 11:30, up at 2 am then slept till 6 am then till 8:30 am. It's really pretty outside today but pretty cold (well cold for SE TX at least).

Micah and Paulina got moved into their house yesterday. I haven't seen it yet though. Me and mom stayed at her house yesterday and I helped her with Mya. Mya was pretty good except for one peepee pants incident when mom didn't have a diaper on her. I can already tell that potty training will be frustrating. But getting mad at the kid doesn't help. She was so tired and didn't want to take a nap. We got her to lay down and relax with us, which would have been good enough for me. But I knew if she closed her eyes for 2 seconds she would fall asleep... and she did.

Here is a pic of Nathan and Mya a couple of weeks ago when she was attached to him that whole night. She was making the cheesiest smiles!

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