Monday, December 1, 2008

Not feeling well today

I have a nasty earache. It's been coming on for a few days, but this morning it was excruciating. So I am missing work today. I went to the family doctor, and he gave me some antibiotics and ear drops. Then I have my NST at the OB office at 2:30, and with the 30 minute drive to work, not much point going in. Hopefully the meds will kick in and I'll feel better soon.

I dropped my SLR camera yesterday. I was very upset, but then I called Nathan, and he told me we have an extended warranty that covers accidents! Yay! I might try to take it in before my dr appt. I really want to have it working for this weekend for the baby showers.

I also ordered some prints from my maternity pics to frame and give to my mom and MIL. The prices are so good, and I decided I would like to hang a couple up on the wall. One of them that is fully clothed is really pretty, so maybe Nathan can put it in his office and think about me... Aww...

He fixed the roof!! Poor thing, he worked so hard. He was off all week on "vacation" but he worked everyday. The one day it rained, he was taking apart and putting back together furniture to rearrange things for the nursery. It looks really great. I will try to take some pics when the camera gets fixed. I'm thankful to have a strong healthy husband!

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