Saturday, December 27, 2008

Please pray for Summer

My friend Summer is 27 weeks pregnant with her second child, a daughter. She is our pastor's wife. They went out of state for the holidays, and she got kidney stones that are sending her into pre-term labor. I don't know all of the details, but I just hope wherever she is, the drs are taking good care of her and trying to keep the baby from coming just yet. I know her baby has a good chance of survival, but it's really best if they can hold off delivery. Poor Summer is in lots of pain too. Please pray and think good thoughts for Summer, Eric, and baby girl. I always pray for friends in need, but I do feel a special bond with my sisters who are pregnant at the same time as me.

Dear Lord, Please heal Summer. Calm her body and mind. Allow her baby to stay inside her and grow healthy and strong. Be with her family as they take care of her and her son Ethan. Amen.


  1. I will be praying for Summer and her baby boy. God will take care of them.
    Please keep us updated!

  2. I'm sending out all the prayers I can muster for her. Good thing is she is being taken care of and that's the best place to be. 27 weeks is just way too early, I hope they'll be able to keep that baby IN to cook.

    (sorry for the lecture earlier. It's just since I know that one horror story, anyone I know gets the lecture from me. I see girls "sneaking" off to go to the store and crap like that and I just want to cry for them.)


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