Monday, December 8, 2008

Another great baby shower!

Yesterday was another big success! Again, I am struck with how much these people love this baby and how much they did for him. My SIL headed up the shower and did such a great job. The food was great, the cakes and cookies and candies were great. I'll post some pics soon. Nathan's aunts all helped out too. There was quite a crowd! And believe it or not, nobody touched my belly! I was worried I would say something wrong or do something wrong, but everything was really relaxing and fun. I think I worry too much. It's a little strange getting so many lovely gifts from people I don't know, but that's the nature of these things with in-laws. Nathan even said there were a couple of people there he didn't know. They were all very sweet and very excited for us. We got some big items from the registry, which is a great help! We got the high chair and the play pen! We got a lot of first aid and bath items, which are great. We got a ton of clothes and blankets too. I might exchange some of the newborn clothes because I don't think he'd get a chance to wear them all. But we also got a lot of 6-9 month clothes, which is awesome because it would be a shame to have all tiny clothes, and then in 6 months, have no clothes. My SIL put on the invitation for people to get a book for the baby, which is great. So now I think he has enough baby and kid books for his whole childhood. Now we just need a book shelf. Overall a really great shower!!

I spent about 2 hours in the nursery last night arranging things, and I still have a lot of work to do. I'm just getting things in baskets together until I decide where to store them. I haven't filled his closet and chest of drawers yet, so we still have plenty of storage room. We haven't opened up the big things yet, but hopefully this weekend we'll get that done. I have my NST appt at the dr at 2:30 today, and if I get out at a decent time, I might go to Walmart and try to exchange some things.

Fun facts:
- There is one monkey toy that we got 4 of!
- We only got one baby bottle!
- Yesterday brought in 18 newborn outfits!
- No burp rags!

Of course, I just think it's funny that people think along the same lines. I guess bottles and burp rags are not fun. But if that is all we have to buy for the baby, that is great! We did get a few gift cards and some money, so we really are set. I also need a full sized diaper bag, the swing, and maybe some other little things.

Nathan had to go to work yesterday morning, work till about noon, go to the shower for a little while, then go back to work till about 6:00 pm. When he got home, I was in the nursery arranging things. He helped me decide which clothes to keep and which to try to exchange. Of course, if it says "Daddy" in any way, it's a keeper. Then he was looking through the books, and I asked him to read one to us. He read us "Green Eggs and Ham." And he read it so well, not just boring and quick. The baby started to move around like he was enjoying it. I get teary-eyed thinking about it. It was really a special time for us.

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