Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nice Visit

We had a really nice visit from some friends last night. Lynn and Liz came over to bring us a baby gift. Liz couldn't make it to the baby shower last weekend. They gave us the lamp that goes with our bedding set. It's so cute!! They got to check out the nursery and look at all the cute stuff we have. And for some reason baby boy was being super active so Liz got to feel him kicking the crap out of me. She really enjoyed that. It's so good to see Lynn doing better after his motorcycle accident. He still has a sling on his arm and has had some complications from a shoulder surgery, but he is recovering well.

I rested more last night and my back didn't hurt so bad, so I guess I need to try and limit my activity to a little bit each night and not do too much.


  1. Oh, that's AWESOME he's doing so well. I remember how scary that accident was.

  2. I'm having a hard time limiting my activity, too! There is just so much to do with Christmas just around the corner and baby coming soon.


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