Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time is flying!

I really can't believe how close it is till I meet the newest man in my life! January seemed liked years away when I found out I was pregnant. Now it's weeks away, and it's possible the baby could come a little early and be here really soon. I'm sure every expecting mother has some of these feelings.

I know that people can't help but stare and comment at me, but I sure will be glad when my body is back to some state of normal. I just don't understand how being pregnant makes people think they have a right to comment about my body and touch my body. I really don't like it. Every day someone has something dumb to say. I really feel like a weirdo sometimes. I love the fact that I'm having a baby. It's just annoying to deal with all of the comments. What do I say when someone says, "You look pregnant" or "Your belly is big" besides, "Yes I am." "Yes it is."

Work is really getting busy for me. A lot of things I've been waiting on are all coming together. Hopefully I can do what I need to do before it's time to leave. Also, my fill-in person is coming on Friday, so I will have to try and get my work done and teach him a lot! Yikes!

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  1. The comments I get right now are "you aren't showing at all" or "you're so small." Whatever. Once I'm all nice and huge I might return the compliment and tell them that they are huge, too. At least I'll have a good excuse. What's their excuses? Fried food the only thing they can afford?


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