Sunday, December 28, 2008

My In-law baby shower

So instead of posting about how bored I am and how much my back hurts... I will share some pics of my baby shower from my in-laws. This little monkey-cupcake-set-up was so dern cute.

And my SIL made this precious arrangement for the table and for me with the little animals. She is so creative.

And I got lots of presents, lots of clothes, blankets, books, and the high chair, play pen, and monitor.

And here is me in all my big glory... and that was 3 weeks ago, on 12/7. I like this picture though.

So we'll see what excitement happens today. Hope everyone has a good day. I haven't heard an update from Summer, but I will update when I hear something.Posted by Picasa


  1. WOW. ~Another~ shower??? I swear girl, you've have more baby showers than I have - and I've had THREE babies!

  2. I love that Book "Love you Forever". I bought it for everyone with little ones one year for Christmas - including my self and my little one was probably 11 at the time. But now I have it for this LO.


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