Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to work

So I'm back at work today for my normal short Monday. Dr appt is at 2:30. I don't expect anything extraordinary to happen.

I got the monitor to work! It makes the funny noises when the receiver and the listening devices are too close together. I turned on the radio in the nursery and listened in from our bedroom, and it worked fine.

We had a great time at the party Saturday night. I got tired pretty early because I did a lot on Saturday. I got pretty much all the rest of the baby stuff we needed, did laundry, returned something at Hobby Lobby, and bought a couple of maternity lounge pants at the mall. I hated spending more money on clothes, but I do need more comfy pants. They don't even look maternity, so they'll be good for after I have the baby. Saturday we also went to Best Buy and bought a camcorder. We were there forever. It was so busy and crowded. We ended up getting a hard drive camcorder that is small and cute and works very well. It holds hours of video. We also got a new computer. Thank goodness for 18 month no interest financing. Our "old" 4 year old computer was full and needed major upgrades and extra memory. The cost to do that was about the same as a new computer package. So we have lots of new toys to play with. I didn't get a chance to get on the new computer yet because Nathan was on it all night. But I'll be home before him today, so I'll get my turn.

I spent 3 hours yesterday on the couch writing thank you cards! It felt good to get them written. It's so important to me to express my grattitude to friends and family. I wrote 48 cards! And that doesn't count the 20 cards I already sent out to church friends! I still need to address envelopes and send them out. Hopefully this week I'll get that done.

I'm really wanting him to put together all the big baby stuff, the stroller, car seat, high chair, swing, bouncer... to make sure it all works. Plus I hate seeing all those big boxes everywhere. Maybe this weekend. We go to the perinatologist Friday for a growth scan. Hopefully baby boy is growing big and strong. I'm pretty sure he is, or at least I'm growing big...

Baby boy is coming soon. 5 weeks and 2 days left. I can't hardly believe it. And my friend Nancy is 2 days behind me, and Rachel is about 10 days ahead of me! It would be crazy if babies were born on the same day. I really feel a special connection to these ladies who I've gone through the pregnancy with.

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