Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make it through the day

If I can just make it through the day today, I have a three day weekend coming up. Tomorrow we go to Houston for a growth scan. Not exactly a day of fun, but at least we won't have to work. Maybe Nathan will put together some of the baby stuff I've been nagging him about. We don't have any plans for this weekend, so hopefully I can get some rest.

I still need to buy a gift for my niece, grandpa, and Nathan's grandma. I'll probably try to knock it all out at Target. My feet can only go so many steps these days. Micah said something about an Elmo doll for Mya, so I'll see if they have that, if not I'll give him some money and he can hunt for it. Maybe I'll give her some coloring books or something too. Grandpa asked for some new cookie sheets. He bakes cookies (pre-made dough) all the time, especially around the holidays. So I'll try to find some nice ones for him. For Nathan's grandma, she is always complaining about being cold, so maybe a nice throw blanket. I mean, always complaining. It's funny. At Thanksgiving, we had a 20 minute conversation about how she is always cold, and how everybody is out to get her and make her freeze. She gets mad at people at church when they turn on the A/C and tells them that they must have high blood pressure and that's why they are hot. She leaves church when she gets too cold. Too funny...

Nancy mentioned she is having a hard time leaving comments. Anybody else? I will try to figure out what is going on and email somebody to help me.

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