Saturday, December 27, 2008

Updated - Another exciting day in the life

I am on partial bedrest, so I am allowed to sit up and "move around the house" says the dr. But I probably should lay down more than I am. I probably need the lecture. It's so hard to lay down all day. It is nice to be able to rest and not have any responsibilities, but dang... Stir crazy for sure. And yes, I would only be alone during the day while Nathan is at work. It's not so bad if I can sleep late, eat, watch tv for a little while, nap, get on the computer for a minute, and then he is home. BP has been creeping up a little today, so we'll see what happens. And I'm doing way less today than yesterday. I do wish we had bought a laptop instead of a new desktop. If I would have known about bedrest, I certainly would have gotten a laptop instead. It was just such a good deal for the desktop, printer, big monitor. I do like to read, but I get so sleepy, and I know if I sleep all day, I'll be up all night. I want to work on my scrapbook, but sitting at the table working on it really makes my back hurt. Maybe I'll try to learn how to crochet if it's not too hard.

Oh and just for fun... I swear that none of my maternity clothes fit anymore. Well, they are pretty dang tight anyways. It's almost 80ºF here this week, hotter than it has been in a while, so I need short sleeves, and those shirts are not fitting. So I raided Nathan's side of the closet. His soft Old Navy polo shirt is nice n comfy! He said, "why are you wearing my nice shirt?" I said "It's comfy. Do you want me to take it off?" He said "no."

So here we go again, another day of non-excitement, which is good. It has been nice that Nathan has been home a lot to keep me company. And I'll only be home alone Mon, Tues, and Wed next week since he'll be off for New Year's Day and the day after. Then things will get tough if I have to be home for 2 weeks alone... But I'm trying to take things one day at a time. I do wish I could go to the mall or to the movies, but I'll survive. Well I'm off to go shopping, online that is. Have a great day.


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  2. Do you have a hobby like reading or crochet? I think I would go stir crazy without something to do besides online shopping...though, that is a lot of fun! I hope the next couple of weeks go by fast for you.

  3. You are on complete or partial bedrest? Be sure to be laying on your side - laying DOWN if you are on total. No sitting up. No cheating. !!! It's hard when we feel good to abide by these rules, but things can happen quickly.

    I was on bedrest due to high bp with Ella and paired with that, lowish fluid and a matured placenta. My OB told me I would most likely NOT know if something went bad until it was too late, so to make sure that didn't happen, seriously lay down. I had to go into the office twice weekly for NSTs and he made it a point to tell me that the trip alone was enough for me to do and to make sure I rested extra well to "make up" for having the trip in the first place.

    my bp is up this morning. 140/82. I'm so worried he'll put me on bedrest on monday. In theory it sounds great, but it sucks assholes.

    Sorry to totally sound like I'm lecturing, especially without knowing how much you are abiding by your new rules. I mean, you could be totally laying down and using a laptop in bed, on your side! So forgive me for sounding harsh, I don't mean to be. I've just seen the bad happen before (a girl i knew felt fine and would "cheat" on her bedrest, throwing in a load of laundry, making dinner, etc) and her baby died from placental abruption. She'll never know if it would have happened if she was laying down, so she lives with that guilt everyday.

  4. Oh - if you do have to be alone for 2 weeks (just during day, right?) I have some tips. And don't you worry about having Nathan do things for you - taking care of you is 1,000 times easier than taking care of a newborn! ONce the baby is born, he'll look back at your bedrest as a walk in the park!


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