Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr appt update

I saw the dr yesterday and everything is going well. Baby boy passed the NST, barely. He just wasn't very active yesterday. They like to see lots of movement and two heartrate accelerations in 20 minutes. At the last minute he cooperated. I told the dr about the pressure I've been feeling, so she checked me, and said everything is closed up. It's just nerve-wracking being pregnant for the first time, not knowing what to expect. I asked a few questions about delivery. Does she use staples for c-section? No, she does not. I like that answer. TMI alert........... Does she routinely do episiotomy? No, she does not. She prefers to let things happen naturally. I am really scared of tearing. I know it happens, and there is nothing I can do, but it is scary. I also know that the recovery is probably somewhat fast. I'm more scared of tearing than I am of the c-section. But I know that c-section has a longer recovery.

My brother is in town this week for a job interview. He lives in San Antonio, about 6 hours away, but this job really sounds good. It would be great if he eventually moved down here. I know it will be a tough transition to get his wife and 3 kids here. He has my niece with him and will try to find childcare here. His wife works at a restaurant and works evenings sometimes, so it would be hard for her to have the little girl and find childcare. So it was good to see them last night. I'm hoping and praying that he gets this job. It would probably be really great pay. And I'm praying that if he gets it everything will work out.


  1. I would make it a point to ask her to do a episiotomy if it looks like you might tear. I tore with both babies and its NOT fun at all.. I still have the scars and it still hurts on occasion..
    good luck. I really hope u don't have a C-section. you would miss out on actually "bringing" your baby into the world..haha..

  2. Phew - glad baby boy decided to cooperate at the last minute! That is interesting that she doesn't do episiotomies - I would think that tearing is a bad thing. Might want to ask further about that one...
    Hope you are doing well!


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