Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun times at the hospital

Everything went well with the tests at the hospital. It sounds scary when we tell people we had to go to the hospital, but the only reason is because the drs office is closed today. We got put on the monitor, and little boy was not moving much, even after drinking a Sprite. Then the nurse ordered an ultrasound. Then as soon as she said that, he started moving like crazy and his heartbeat went up and down like they wanted to see. But they wanted to go ahead and do the u/s. I had to ride in a wheelchair... OMG I was really hoping I didn't see anybody. I felt silly, but they wouldn't let me walk. He did good on the u/s too. He did his practice breathing and lots of movement. So now we're home. Hopefully we have a nice uneventful weekend.


  1. Glad everything is looking good.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :)

  2. Good! Glad he's doing well.

    Funny about the wheelchair. When I had to go to ER for hurting my shoulder, I had to get checked out in L&D first and they made me ride in a wheelchair - i felt hilarious!


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