Monday, December 29, 2008


Just wanted to take a chance to reflect on a few things. First of all, Nathan, Chesley, and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. (Except for the fact that I think one of our wonderful visitors lately gave me a cold...) We had three baby showers with wonderful gifts, food, and love given freely. One was at church, one at a friend's house, and one at Nathan's aunt's house. We got pretty much everything we needed for Chesley. How awesome is that? I went out and bought the rest of the things we needed and we have gotten some money and gift cards since then. The generosity and love is really amazing. Second, as I think I've said, Nathan has been really great this past week since I've been on bedrest. He's been good with helping throughout the pregnancy, but up until the doc said bedrest, I was doing most of my normal housework, grocery shopping, and activity. When he heard the doc say bedrest, it must have really hit him that something bad could happen, and that I really need to take it easy. He just does everything I would normally do, cook, clean, shop, laundry, usually without me having to ask. If I ask for a certain thing to eat, he gets it, though I am not picky these days, and will pretty much eat whatever doesn't eat me first. He's just been great to us. I'm really blessed to have him to take care of us and to have him for my husband. Finally, I am blessed to be having this baby in the first place. Through three years of infertility, there were many tears, and there were many times I thought I would never be a mother. I've always wanted to have a child, always knew I would have a child. Now, sometime in the next few short weeks, he will be here. So though I will probably continue to complain about how miserable my body feels, which it does of course, I really feel blessed.

So I'm all alone today in the big quiet house. My throat is sore, so I hope I'm not getting sick. BP was up and down yesterday. I think highest was about 138/92 or something, not great, but not horrible. Going to the dr tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see what she wants to do with us then.

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