Monday, December 29, 2008


Hopefully no one minds my two posts a day these days. I just get kinda bored and lonely, and sharing with you all helps a lot. My grandpa calls me every day to check on me. I think he has come over to our house more in the past week than in the past year. He only lives 15 minutes away, but he is majorly a homebody and never leaves the house, and when he does come over, it's usually for like 10 minutes. He has really been good to me. He's 77 years old and in fairly decent health. When my grandmother passed away in 2003, it was very hard on him. It was hard on all of us. He's dealt a lot with depression, and he has his good days and bad days. Back to the story, so yesterday he made cookies (pre-made dough, his specialty) and brought them to us, one plate of chocolate chip for Nathan and one of white chocolate macadamia nut for me. Yummy. Then today he calls and wants to bring us dinner, chicken and dressing. Yummy. It's just really nice of him to take care of us like that. And yesterday on the phone he was telling me I'm his favorite grandchild... I try to say nice things about my cousins and bring up how my brother is doing better, but he insisted. Of course I loved it...

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  1. Oh, reading this makes me miss my poppy. Your pawpaw sounds like an awesome grandfather!


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