Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve Eve

We always called Dec. 23rd Christmas Eve Eve. It was a very exciting day for us as kids. One more day till Christmas Eve, presents, cookies, candy, and of course Santa. I'll be having a quiet day today and thinking about how exciting it was to be a kid at Christmastime.

I spent some time on the computer filing for my short term disability. I think I'm still a little bit in denial that I will be out of work till the baby comes. But I seriously doubt that my blood pressure will miraculousy stay low and even if it does that the dr will let me go back to work. So I filed the information, talked to HR, told them what is going on, and now I'm waiting for the health insurance rep to call me and ask me questions and tell me what I need to do. Not exactly all calm and stress free activities, but knowing that money will be coming in will help with my stress about paying the bills. For a girl who has worked the past 5.5 years straight with only hurricanes and short vacations as breaks from work, the thought of all this time off is crazy. I would like 8 weeks after the baby comes, so if the baby does wait 4 weeks, that is 12 weeks. If the baby waits less, then less. Crazy that a little tiny boy that I haven't even met yet is running the show.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice Christmas Eve Eve until the craziness of Christmas gets here. Remember Jesus's birth and the miracle of God's blessing to us all.


  1. Do you only get a total of 12 weeks then?

  2. I can get longer than 12 weeks if I need it, but I'm just trying to estimate how long I will be off. If the baby waits till his due date in 4 weeks and I take 8 after that, it will be 12 weeks total. But if the baby comes early, I still might have to take off till mid-March if daycare doesn't have a spot yet... Just me trying too hard to plan for something that can't be planned for.


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