Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tired today

I'm just so tired today. I woke up crampy and having BH contractions and feeling a little run over. I'm to the point where I really can't take a deep breath anymore. Little boy is using up my lung space. It's definitely a good thing that I can park close to the building at work and take the elevator.

We just had our holiday pot luck lunch at work. The food was really good. We had kids from a local elementary school come and sing Christmas songs. It was such a nice treat. The kids were really cute and sang very well.


  1. i remember the feeling all too well of not being able to breath.. oh.. don't worry.. soon you will have the baby boy and you will forget

  2. I'm having lots of problems with leaving a comment on your blog - it hardly ever loads for me. The "post a comment" loads, but the box to type in is just missing.

    Anywho - welcome to the end of pregnancy. Now you'll see why so many women complain and ask for inductions - it's HARD. I know we are so close, but since this is my last pregnancy, I'm just so scared it'll be over before I'm ready. I'm going to miss it SO badly. I just love feeling him move in my belly. It's amazing how much it's missed.


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