Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wrong Wednesday

I'm calling today Wrong Wednesday because so many things seem to be going wrong. Of course they are little things that really don't keep me up at night, but they are a pain in the behind. In no particular order...

First of all, I forgot to pay Entergy (electric company) this month their $267. So yesterday I quickly sent an e-payment to them (so I thought). BUT I somehow accidentally sent the money to Centerpoint Energy (gas company) who I already paid this month, and that bill is only about $30 a month. I called Centerpoint, and they got my money, but it will take 2 - 4 weeks to get my refund. WHAT??!! We'll survive, but now I get to pay Entergy their $267, plus the next bill is due $256 on Dec. 5. Guess I should pay more attention next times.

I planned on coming in to work late today because a plumber was supposed to come and pump out the nasty sewage water from under our house and see what is leaking. I saw him get to our house around 8:00, got dressed, and was about to go outside to see him, then he was gone. Nathan called me to tell me that the guy tried to call him, but wasn't answering now. Apparently, the guy decided that he is too big to get under our house. Ummm.. Duh! Saturday when he came he said he would send "his guys" over to do the work. Either he doesn't have any guys, didn't pay attention Saturday when he saw how much room was under our house, or he just doesn't want the job. So back to square zero on that. Yes, there is raw sewage under our house, and yes, at times we can smell it in the house.

This was technically last night, but I'm counting it for today. Nathan finally got a hold of the insurance adjustor. We are trying to settle our claim for damages to our house during Hurricane Ike. Damages aren't major, but they do need to be fixed. She said that she tried to call us previously and left a message (Um, no you didn't) and that roofers came to our house and inspected our roof. They supposedly found quite a bit of damage to the main part of the roof, so she is including that in our claim. She said that they were not going to cover the only part of the roof that actually is leaking (WHAT??!!), but they are covering the ceiling under that part of the roof (OK?). So, if you've never had a big insurance claim, you would think, "ok, so fix what needs repair and don't fix what you don't want to mess with." BUT, (as we say in TX) this is not our first rodeo. We had extensive damage after Hurricane Rita, so we know how this goes. The insurance determines how much money the damages will cost, then (since we have a mortgage) they send a check to us written to the bank. We send the check to the bank, and the bank cuts us a check for a portion of the money (50% or 30% maybe). This takes an extra few weeks of course. Then after we are 50% done with the work, they send another check. And they do come out and inspect the house. Then after 100% completion, they send the rest of the money. So I'm not sure how this will work. If we don't fix the roof that may or may not be damaged, we might not get all of the money. Maybe we can talk to the bank and see what they think. Or maybe our roof is more damaged than we thought. The roof on this house is 3 years old. It's very steep (VERY) so difficult to climb on. What's next here?? Not sure yet.

I slept pretty bad last night. My pubic bone hurts bad. I think this kid has horns on his head... My belly is hurting today and the BH contractions are crampy. I woke up sleeping on my belly this morning. Yes, my belly is too big to sleep on. That did not feel good at all for an hour or so.

My photographer called and she can't take our maternity pictures on Friday afternoon. So she is coming tomorrow afternoon, which means I have to leave work really early, and Nathan won't be able to be there. I struggled with if I should do it tomorrow or not, but I decided to do it. We have a good camera, and I can get a friend or Mom to take pics of us together. I just want a professional to take pics of me that will be good memories of how my body looks all big and pregnant (ok, so maybe not so big, but definitely pregnant). I thought about waiting till I'm bigger, but with holidays coming, it might be difficult.

Good news - We did get an estimate from a local contractor for the damages to the house (not including the possible roof damage), so that will help move along the insurance claim. And I think Nathan is going to fix the part of the roof (small flat section) that is leaking into the nursery.

Hope everybody has a great day and not a Wrong Wednesday!


  1. Oh, sweetie, I am sorry you are having a horrible day! It will turn around for you!

  2. I'm sorry.. hope tomorrow is a much better day.cyber hugs..

  3. OH bummer! What crappy things to all happen. You know, as I was doing my end of month budget today, I realized HOLY SHIT! I didn't pay my mortgage this month. Totally late. Ugh. I had to pay a $30 late fee too. The first time EVER I was late. I suck.

    As for maternity pictures - I think it'll be fine for your hubby to not be there. I think those pictures of the guy holidng the belly are so cheezy!


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