Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got all the prep work done yesterday thanks to my brother's help. Now I'm just popping each casserole in the oven for it's turn to cook. Then when everything is done, I'll put them all in the oven on low temp to stay hot till it's time to go. Nathan is on the roof working because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. He really thought he would finish yesterday, but there was a lot more rotten wood than he thought. He doesn't think there is a great way to fully protect the little room from rain. I'm sure he'll do the best he can. I just feel bad that he has to work on the house on Thanksgiving. His dad is here helping him.

So as I sit and wait for the food to bake, I have a moment to reflect on my life and what I'm thankful for.

Thank you God for giving me loving parents that brought me up with good values and prepared me for the big world. Thank you that they were able to send me to a good college. Thank you for giving me a big dose of motivation to finish college and get a great job. Thank you for placing Nathan in my life. Thank you for allowing us to be parents to one of your newest children.

Thank you for all my friends and family out there reading this message. I pray that everyone has a great day and takes a moment to share what they are thankful for.


  1. Have a happy thanksgiving yourself. I'm also thankful for friends like you, who seem to always be there for me when I need support. You never took "sides" like many others did when there was an opinion of mine that got out of hand with too many. I'm thankful there are people like you who can stay neutral when the discussion wasn't even about you. So thank you. Just wanted you to know that I really appreciated it from you.

    How often do you get your massage? And does your massage therapist use a belly massage bed/props? Mine uses this expandable cushion thing that opens up for my belly and I freaking LOVE it. LIke I want to steal it just so I can sleep on my belly! :)

  2. I hope you find this comment! Thanks for the nice words. I tend to always try to stay neutral or if I need to disagree, I stay calm and respectful (or at least try). I really feel like we have a special bond having gone through this ivf and pregnancy journey together!

    I am doing massages every other week. It helps with back pain and relaxation. Yes! She uses a belly cut-out table and I love it too! I love laying on my belly. I want to steal it too.


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