Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another exciting Tuesday

Wow. Nancy has quite a hot topic on her blog today - vaccinations. There are so many different views on this subject. Personally, I trust my pediatrician and the state of TX. I don't do a lot of research into it. I have heard of things going wrong and problems with the vaccines, but so many lives have been saved. You could even say that the course of our country and our lives has been shaped by vaccines. We don't have to live in fear of catching something terrible. Ok, so it's still possible, but not as likely as it was 100 years ago. I did get the flu shot, and I plan on getting all of the reccomended vaccines for my son.

CPR class was very good. I encourage any parent/aunt/uncle/grandparent to take a CPR class if you will be spending time with children. Hopefully no one ever has to use it, but it's a good feeling to know that you know what to do if something does happen. The nurse who taught it was very good, maybe not as funny and silly as the nurse who taught our other class, but it was good.

Go vote!! I did it this morning on my way to work. To my surprise, there was no line.

I just discovered mobile blogging. I'm very excited about it! I can send a text message and it will post to my blog! That easy! It's exciting because if I'm out of town or not by a computer and when we're getting ready to have the baby, I can still post! I'm pretty computer dumb, so this is great for me, especially since we don't have a laptop. I want one but can't justify spending the money right now. So thanks blogger people!


  1. I am glad you will be vaccinating. I know it is a hot topic in the mommy groups I am in.. as is Breastfeeding versus formula.. but I believe every mom knows what is best for her own child if she takes the time to research it herself....

  2. Can you help me with mobile blogging? I sent the text to get set-up, but now what do I do to get something posted to my blog?

  3. I'll give all the steps even though you may have already gotten started.

    You text to go@blogger.com with "register" in the text field.

    You should have received a text with a code. You go to your blogger dashboard bottom of the page where it says "Other Stuff" and click on "Learn how to start mobile blogging" then enter your code from your text message, enter the word verification, and hit "continue". I lost my code, so I don't remember exactly what to do after that, but I think it was pretty easy.

    They give you a choice to post on a separate blog of which they name or to post on your regular blog. I picked to post on my regular blog.

    Then you send a text message to go@blogger.com with the text that you want to be posted on your blog, and it worked for me. I posted a test post, and then I deleted it.

    The only thing I didn't like was that you can't put a title for the post. It just uses the first however many characters in the message.

    This will be good for you when you are in Clear Lake for your procedures or spending the night so you can keep people updated.

    Hope you get it to work. Let me know if you need help.

  4. Thank you so much it worked!!!! This will be good to used while I am on bed rest to update everyone. Thanks again


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