Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm a little jealous that Nathan is going to take vacation all next week. I sure would like to not work, but I'm saving my vacation for when the baby comes. Plus I really won't be working that much next week. But it is different working half days and not working at all. Half of the work is getting up and getting ready.
I will be off this Friday to go to Houston for our ultrasound. Then Friday afternoon, we are getting maternity pictures taken!! I'm excited. I've been wanting to do them, but I don't want to spend much money. I found a local photographer offering a great deal for a one hour session and about 15 prints for $60. That's just what I wanted, a little book of pictures for us to look back on. And she's going to come to our house! We'll do some outside and some inside, some just me, and some me and Nathan.
Next week I will work Mon, Tues, and Wed. I have an appt Mon, so I will be leaving early. I'll probably leave early Wed too to go to the grocery store before it gets too crazy and crowded. I can't believe Thanksgiving is practically here!! Then Christmas, then another birthday for me (Jan 1), then BABY TIME!!

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