Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dr Appt

Yes, I know, I go to the dr a lot! But I actually learned a few things today. Nathan went with me, which is nice. It makes it less miserable to have to sit and wait forever. We got their at 2:30 and didn't leave until close to 5:00. The tech tried to do the 3D u/s again, but the baby is not in a good position to see his face. Then we did the NST (non-stress test - where they hook my belly up to a monitor to watch the baby's heartrate and watch for contractions). We will be doing these every week now. And - I learned that I get to pay $30 every week for these. Great. All for one little boy... Then the dr came in and said our NST looked great. We talked about my contractions and pains, and she said it is a preview of labor. I also asked about timing of labor. She said that she would let us go into labor as early as 37 weeks. She said that they would try to stop labor at 36 weeks, but if he really wanted to come, they would let him. Then I asked what was the latest we would go. She said that she wouldn't let us go past our due date because of our risk factors. So it sounds like we could be having a baby as early as 36 weeks, which is December 24! Or 37 weeks, December 31! And January 21 at the latest! Of course I don't want him to come early, but it's just nice to know what the dr's plans for me are.

Today Nathan is working on fixing the flat roof that has been leaking. I'm thankful that my husband is big and strong and knows how to work on our house. I know he doesn't like doing it, but I'm glad he is willing to. I'm also thankful that we got our sewer problem fixed. I think another problem is coming though. It seems like our water from the tap had dirt in it. Yuck! If it's not one thing, it's another. We got our cat fixed yesterday, the little orange one. He is my little baby, so I was worried about him, but he is ok. He was still drugged up when we picked him up yesterday, but this morning, he was back to normal and wanting to be petted and loved.

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