Saturday, January 31, 2009

First date

Me and Nathan had our first post baby date last night. We went out to a very nice dinner. It was so good to spend some quality time together not changing diapers. We love baby boy, but we need to make sure and have that time together. Plus it's good for my parents to babysit without us there and have that bonding time. I also went to BRU and Motherhood and got some things I needed and lil boy needed. I bought him some more clothes. He has tons, but nothing fits. I know he will grow, but I want him to have a few things that fit. We have a hard time keeping our house warm, so he needed something warm to wear. I got this cool head rest that will be great in the car seat, but it's also great for the swing. For all the new moms out there, make sure the swing and bouncy chair you get has a head rest in it. Or you could register for the head rest too. I was going to have to buy a new swing, but this thing makes it perfect.

I'm feeling better except for a little soreness and irritation and a nasty headache. I'm not sure what's causing these headaches, but I've had a lot lately. I'm drinking a dr. pepper to see if that helps. Hopefully that doesn't keep lil boy up at night any more than usual. I don't think it will. If it did I would almost rather him be fussy till 12 or 1 am and then sleep... Wishful thinking. But I love him and I know this will pass... one day...


  1. Yay for the date! We have NOT gone out on a date yet because we do not have our parent's nearby. Of course when the moms were over, it was all still in first week and a half of the baby being here and it wasn't time for a date yet due to my blood supply making just walking across the room an ordeal for me.

    We totally have that head rest! Never thought of putting it in the swing though. But I've never really had to either - all my babies have been fine in their swings. What kind of swing do you have where you' have to buy a new one just for a head rest?

    Be careful with caffeine hun. Ella was so reactive to caffeine - I thought she truly had colic. The moment I stopped drinking anything caffeinated, WHAM! She was a different baby.

    Don't worry too much about Nathan's sleep habits. It's just SO early. My assvice is get him in a bedtime routine every night NOW. A bath is perfect. Even if he doesn't sleep after it, the routine of bathtime signaling bedtime is what's important. After that bathtime, set everything around him to be nighttime. No lights anything more than a dim. No tv. No radio. No loud anything. It ~will~ help as you teach him the difference between day and night. Then, during the day, never do nighttime things. Be normal loud (I never tiptoe around the baby), don't put him in dark rooms - you know, make it visibly/audibly be day.

  2. I totally second everything Nancy said.. especailly about the bedtime routine. I did that from the very beginning and bothe my girls slept all night long every night. even now. bath and books at 8. and they sleep till 9 or 10 the next day. but we are very active and up and doing stuff during the day..girl, call me if u ever wanna talk or vent or whatever..mmkk?? good luck.


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