Monday, January 5, 2009

Actually left the house

So I actually left the house today. I think partially I felt a little better and partially I got stir-crazy. I went to Motherhood and bought two comfy nursing bras and a gown/robe set. I went to Best Buy and bought Nathan a cd and a music video dvd for his birthday. And I went to Walgreens for a few things. I was going to go to the family dr tomorrow for the cold and congestion, but I called the OB nurse first because they are very conservative about what they want to let me take. The nurse said I don't need antibiotics, and that there is really nothing I can take that I haven't tried. I was about in tears. She even said not to use nose spray. I might have to cheat on that one. I have taken Sudafed, Claritin, Tylenol Cold, and none of that did anything. Mucinex actually helps a little bit. She did suggest to take Benedryl, but that makes me super drowsy, like I got run over by a truck for about 14 hours. She suggested I get the liquid and take a small dose. So I'm going to try that tonight. But I did feel better today than yesterday, so here's to hoping tomorrow will be better yet. I'm very interested to hear what the dr has to say tomorrow. Maybe we will be scheduling an induction?

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