Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our first outing

Yesterday, I had my first outing with the baby. It was so tiring! He has a blocked tear duct, which causes nasty discharge from his right eye and looks really sad and painful. I took him to the dr, and they gave me some eye drops which seem to be helping. And we have to massage the tear duct with a q-tip and clean the eye. Lil boy doesn't mind too much.

How bout this?? Lil boy weighed 7 lbs. 15 ozs.!!!! I couldn't believe it. What a piggy big boy! I bet he'll be wearing his newborn clothes soon. He'll still in preemies. It's funny how when I was pregnant the newborn clothes looked so tiny, but when he got here, being small, they looked huge! They still look really long, but I'm sure he'll be there soon.

I meant to use the stroller instead of carrying the car seat in the office until I realized I don't know how to use the stroller. So when I got home yesterday my back was killing me and I was cramping and bleeding a lot. I'm feeling better today though. I realized that I still need more time to recover. I think I will be ok to run a couple of errands and get around a little more as long as I keep it short and there is no heavy lifting involved. I think next time I will bring the small diaper bag and use the baby sling carrier when I have the baby by myself for a dr appt or short errand. Trial and error... Lil boy is sleeping now. He's tired... since he doesn't sleep from 3 am till 7 am. Nathan has been really great about giving me a break. Sometimes I can't fall asleep when Nathan has him, but I still need that break. Nathan said he's really not too tired. So things are going well.

Wish me luck. I'm going to work on our taxes. Maybe if we get a good refund I'll take an extra week or two off... I don't believe it's good to get a big refund instead of having the money during the year, but because of the pregnancy I worked less and made less money. So we'll see.

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