Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realized yesterday that I have not yet been separated from my son except for when he was in the nursery in the hospital. Even then I called exactly when it was time to feed him if they hadn't brought him yet. I love him and don't want to be separated for long, but a little break would be nice. Nathan was supposed to come straight home from work so I can run some errands, but he didn't. I wasn't happy, but I know he just didn't pay attention to time, a bad habit of his. So hopefully today he will. It will just be good to get out of the house by myself since I am feeling better. I pumped a little bottle yesterday, and I might do another one today. Lil boy is still keeping his same mommy-killing schedule of waking up at 3 am till 7 am. I didn't wake up Nathan till 5 am when I was miserable. But he does have to work. And I did sleep till 9:30. So it seems to be working out. He said this weekend he will stay up more so I can sleep.

Oh, and we are getting a lot of $$ for tax return (not intentional) so I might stay home another couple of weeks. It will be nice to have some extra time at home with lil boy where we can actually go places. The thought of him laying in the crib at daycare crying with no one to pick him up... horrible. He is very fussy lately. Hopefully when he gets bigger he can sit by himself in a bouncy chair or swing for a few minutes awake without getting mad. But for now, momma holds him a lot.

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  1. I want to see more pictures! It seems like you love motherhood regardless of the bad sleeping schedule.

    Congrats about the tax return money! I'm hoping that we hit the same jackpot so I can stay home the 12 weeks of FMLA that I am alotted.

    I hope you are able to get out of the house some soon. I know how stir crazy a person can get being cooped up all day!


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