Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting better

Today is the first day where I can say I feel a little better instead of worse. It still hurts like hell down there, but it's just a little better than yesterday. So I think whatever the dr did must be helping. We had Amber Hamilton come this morning for a photo session. It was fun, and I think that we are going to great some great pictures. He was really good for a little while, then he got fussy and hungry, so I feds him a little, and he cooperated just long enough to get some more pics. He is so precious... Taking the naked pics was fun. I was waiting to see who would get pooped on. It was Nathan. I got puked on twice today. Like major pukage where I had to change clothes. I got peed on too. I think we have gone through about 6 outfits today. The diapers must just not hold enough pee. It's annoying. But we love him so it's ok...

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