Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy doesn't feel good

I am having tummy problems again. Every time I eat my tummy hurts and cramps. Lil boy seemed to have tummy problems last night too. I hope we didn't catch something at the hospital or dr office yesterday. Nathan stayed up for the graveyard shift last night, 3-5 am. He fed lil boy his first bottle. Some milk got wasted because I didn't have any idea how much he would drink. He drank about 1.5 oz. I had 4 in the bottle. Oh well. I breastfed at 3 am, and Nathan bottle fed at 5 am, then I breastfed at 8 am. So I didn't really go too long between. I didn't sleep very well though because my tummy was hurting a lot. But it was nice to rest. My breasts are a little sore still from missing a feeding. I don't think I want to do that again for a while. Maybe just once or twice a week. I found some tiny 2.5 oz bottles that I will pump in when I do it again. And lil boy had no trouble breastfeeding after bottle feeding. He is spitting up a lot today. That makes for lots of dirty laundry. Well that's an insight to my world right now, Babyland!


  1. Yay for the bottle feeding! VERY good idea to start early. My best friend didn't try to give a bottle until 6 months and the baby refused the bottle all together - rather starving herself. It sucked.

    In regards to your milk, freeze it in 2 oz amounts. This is what I do. Then if he needs more, I just quickly thaw another 2 ozs under warm water.

    GOOD for you for breastfeeding! I'm proud of you!

    Be very careful with the skipping feedings this early though. It's so easy to screw with your supply when only a few weeks in. That's the problem with breastfeeding - we need/want sleep, but we just can't give up a feeding for sleep. It's so important to nurse or pump on time.

  2. Forgive me for sounding like a know it all. I'm simply just trying to be helpful. If I'm annoying you, tell me to shut the heck up, I'll understand.


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