Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back from dr

We got back from the dr a little while ago. I had to have a snack before I got on the computer. She said everything is going well. My BP gets a little high, but not too bad. I have been spotting a lot, probably mucus plug, which she said is a good sign. She wasn't too worried about anything. She said my cervix hasn't changed much since last week. The exam was killer. I'm still hurting from it and just not feeling well. When I told her I'm pretty miserable, she asked if I would feel better to have a date. YES! So I am going to see her next Wednesday for her to check me and see how things are going. Then if my cervix is still not open, she will do the cervical ripening Wednesday evening and induce labor on Thursday! So we have a plan. So only a week away we will be getting ready for our son, unless of course he decides he doesn't want to wait. I'm very excited about all of this, even in my miserable condition. I would like to keep the dates a bit on the down low from the family though... We'll see how that works out. We'll just tell them we're going back to see the dr next week to see what happens next. I'm still nervous about having people want to sit up at the hospital for the whole ordeal. I'm really trying to let go of it though. I will have to accept whatever happens. Maybe if Nathan does tell his family, he can ask them to wait until we are ready for visitors. I'll just be the one in the bed having the baby...

So my posts for the next week will be centered around how crappy I feel and how excited I am and if anything changes. I'm going to celebrate with a nice long bath.

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