Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Out of the fog...

I'm finally coming out of the fog of this cold. I'm doing a few things around the house with resting in between. I really felt crappy last night though with super nausea. I guess it's just part of the misery of the end of pregnancy. I'm just excited to have an end date in mind. 7 days left! When the dr told us she wanted to induce next Thursday, Jan. 15th, we mentioned that the 16th is Nathan's birthday. She said that we could wait and have the baby that day, but we both would rather just get things going. We'll see if we change our minds. Plus I figure it will be a more fun birthday for Nathan to get to relax a little bit and hold his son rather than be in labor all day. I already bought his gift, the new Disturbed cd and a Metallics music video dvd. I think I'm going to wrap them and put them in our suitcase for the hospital. I'm going to try and find batteries for all of the baby gadgets and make sure everything is working. Nathan put everything together, so I think I can handle testing things out. Fun times.

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