Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little angel

Here are some pics of our little boy. I love the ones of him and daddy looking at each other. Those were some really sweet moments. I am noticing that most of the pictures are of daddy and not mommy. Maybe we'll get some more mommy pictures when mommy doesn't look like death warmed over... I am feeling a little better each day, so I know it won't last forever, and of course it's all worth it, every stitch!
I guess lil boy just doesn't much like to sleep at night any more. He was up every hour. Finally at 6 am I woke up daddy. I was so tired I couldn't move to get him. Now that I slept late, I'm fine, it's just hard in the middle of the night when I'm tired. Maybe once I get off pain meds I won't be so groggy in the middle of the night.
Lil boy's umbilical cord is hanging by a thread. For some strange reason, I'm a little sad that the piece that connected him to me is falling off. Weird, I know.

I'm going to look online for some nursing tops and see what I find. Mom got me a couple that are very cute. My bp has been pretty good the last couple of days, about 130-140/80s or 90. So we'll see what the dr says tomorrow.

We are having peepee pants crisis!!!! Any ideas? We are using Pampers Newborn size. They fit very well. We have peepee pants through the diaper, through the clothes, through the blanket 3-4 times a day. We tried Huggies, but they are too big, and they made big peepee pants. It's not that his teetee is pointed the wrong way, the whole diaper gets completely soaked! I change him every time he wakes up. I guess I need to check him in his sleep, but then he will get mad and cry. I guess I would rather have peepee pants and peace than clean pants and mad baby.

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  1. Just a thought maybe you should try the size 1 diapers. Even though they fit good he might go a lot each time instead of just a little. I had girls and the only time I had problems was at night.

  2. Look at that sweet angel face! Oh, I could just cry!

    As for the peepee pants - I have no clue! At least you know he is producing plenty of urine!

  3. he is so adorable. I have no advice for the peepee pants.. since I had girls. but I'll ask my sis in laws who did and see what they have to say about it..

  4. Hey hon! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! We had our babies on the SAME DAY!! How cool is that?!?!?!?

  5. i was told to tell you to try Luvs Diapers..lol.. that's what I use but sister said they worked awesome with her boys...
    hope that helps.


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