Friday, January 23, 2009

Lil piggy boy

We went to the dr today for lil boy's weigh in and check up. He weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz.!! What a big boy. He is still only 15% on the growth curve on weight, but he is gaining well. Dr said he is doing great. The dr was so sweet holding him and looking at him and checking him out. Lil boy is almost 21" long. I think before long he'll be able to wear newborn size clothes. For now we're still in preemie clothes. He also had his newborn screening blood test this morning, required in tx. Yes, I cried when he cried. The lady was not very nice. Nathan did a little better last night helping me, but he still needs improvement. Lil boy was up from 3 am till 7 am again. I took a nap today so I'm ok. I pumped for the first time today. I just did one bottle from both breasts. I still want to be able to nurse him when he wakes up. Hopefully there is enough left. We -might- give lil boy a bottle tonight. He is such a good breastfeeder. I don't think it will hurt him. Plus it would be good bonding for dad.


  1. I am sorry you are having tummy troubles. That is miserable - and I'm sure it doesn't help the healing process down below!
    I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Way to GROW little man!!!

    Ah, I'm jealous you have preemie clothes. I never buy small sizes because they grow so quickly, but it would be really nice to have some clothes that fit for these first few weeks. I have 2 newborn sized outfits, but they are coverups for outside, not really cothes he can just wear. I did pick up a pack of 2 newborn size footed pajamas, which I love. But he's got nothing to wear out, kwim?


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