Monday, August 24, 2009


Another Monday at work. Always the hardest day. Boo did better last night, only waking twice, eating, and going back to sleep. So I feel pretty good today even though I got up with him. At 5:30 am he was up and cranky, but I can handle that. I actually had a co-worker come in here and get on my nerves and tell me what to do with my kid... spanking him already, and letting him scream himself to sleep. I think not.

I need to be more careful on the internet at work. A couple of times I have accidentally pulled up stuff that is questionable. I love Etsy, but sometimes people sell stuff with... naughty pictures. Not something I really ever want to see, but especially not at work. So no more Etsy at work. And I already ruled out Wikipedia... If you are NOT at work and you check out the main article on pregnancy, you will see some lovely pictures. I don't ever just surf the internet at work, but now I will just stick to banking or news for a few minutes if I'm slow or eating lunch. I do like to keep up with what is going on in the world. I'm not supposed to blog, but I usually keep that pretty quick.

Off to lunch. Going out today for a change.

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